Strong Independent Women

In honor of July 4th YHM is paying tribute to independence! In such a competitive world, people must take their fate into their own hands in order to achieve greatness and success.

Being independent is especially important in Corporate America. More and more, employees are looking for candidates who possess independence that will help their companies grow. Samantha Rodriguez, marketing member for Boston based radio station Mix 104.1 and intern at WGBH understands this concept perfectly.

YHM: How important is independence in the work place?

In the modern day work force it has become increasingly more important for young women to be independent. I have learned that the easiest way to establish independence in the workplace is to take ownership and responsibility over the projects you are assigned.

Independence can also be developed when you make the effort to take leadership positions when working in groups. I believe that independence in the work place has the power to make me feel confident in my abilities.

I appreciate the fact that my bosses and co-workers trust me to make my own decisions. It can help you build a high level of self-esteem, which can only help you in the long run.

By Jnel Billups 

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