About Us

Young Hot & Modern serves as the go-to destination for the modern woman seeking real and relatable news, tips, and entertainment. Our features focus on what matters the most: character, style, and substance.

Everyone needs a role model that can spark their creativity and guide them down a successful path. That’s where YHM comes in. We aim to empower the everyday woman in her personal, intellectual, and professional life. We do this by providing her with the knowledge she needs to navigate the ever-changing world of fashion, business, wellness, and culture.

Our mission is simple: sift through the noise of celebrity chatter to elevate the voices of purpose-driven women and give them a platform to inspire the next generation of tastemakers, activists, entertainers, and knowledge seekers.


Young Hot & Modern was created in fall 2009, by Yegide Matthews, as a digital hub that empowers women to achieve their personal and professional goals by learning from other women. What began as a social media community page with trendy fashion photos and motivational quotes swiftly became a digital magazine featuring stories of real, everyday women taking the lead. At its core, the magazine is rooted in Matthews’ Christian faith and stays true to its founding message, “where fashion meets true people.” The magazine has evolved and expanded, offering features on all things fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle.


Yegide Matthews
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shane Cruz and Margaret Walker

Public Relations
Lisa Green, Victoria Karlic, Xananisha Powell, and Amber Robinson

Rebecca Aizin, Stephanie Campian, Michelle George, Savannah Holderer, Brianna Hourmouzis, Serée Joseph, Abby Krieckhaus, Deviana Lal, Kennedy McKinney, Brooke Ramone, Rashri Shamsundar, and Aissata Watt