About Us

Young Hot & Modern Magazine is a breath of fresh air when it comes to entertainment for young women. Everyone needs a role model to spark their creativity and guide them on a successful path. YHM was created with that purpose in mind. Our features cover a range of people, from college students to rising fashion designers. YHM is the voice for all women because we share stories that relate to women and empower the youth. Our thriving fashion section prepares our readers for settings from business casual to a night out with friends. You can be part of the journey by sharing YHM with your daughters, sisters, and friends.

YHM was created in the fall of 2009, by Yegide Matthews, as a social media community page. In 2010, a team swiftly came together after the page garnered attention from Matthews’ family and friends. The first digital issue was published in June 2010 alongside a spring photo collection of must-wear street style.

In August 2011, YHM began setting the scene for its alluring fashion features by highlighting Coco and Breezy, successful eyewear and accessories designers. As the magazine picked up more fashion credits, it was welcomed into the industry and took on New York Fashion Week in 2014.

The same year, YHM broke into the beauty realm and featured Raye Boyce, of ItsMyRayeRaye. The editorial also began its annual blogger collaboration for fall fashion inspiration in 2014. Influencers such as Courtney Quinn, of Color Me Courtney, and Alexandra Dieck, of LEXicon of Style, have modeled some of their best pieces here on YHM.

YHM had an all-college-student staff who devotedly produced content for the magazine until 2015 when its founding and longest members graduated from their undergraduate and graduate programs. Although, they continue to support and work alongside the ever-growing staff of YHM, while pursuing their fulltime dream(s).

With a growing network of budding journalists and a world filled with untold stories, YHM continues its motto of being the place “where fashion meets true people,” and continues to excel in various lifestyle and entertainment platforms.

Our Mission
Young Hot & Modern is the hottest digital magazine. We pride ourselves as a clean-cut source of entertainment for young women. We reflect on the lives of the everyday successful women. Our company stays away from the negative images of the roller-coaster celebrity lifestyle. Our readers and supporters come here to connect with and learn about the blooming life of extraordinary women while staying in tune with pop culture.


Yegide Matthews
Founder | Chief Content and Creative Officer

Marketing and Business Operations
Miguel Cruz, Xananisha Powell, and Amber Robinson

Raina Ali, Josephine Bathan, Stephanie Campian, Michelle George,
Lisa Green, Sherdrain Johnson, Serée Joseph, and Leslie Tanner