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Editor’s Letter

Editor’s Letter

Spring/Summer 2019 | #YHMGoGetter

The idea of girl power is to instill a sense of confidence, intellect, pride, and joy in young girls that will continue throughout womanhood. My mother did an amazing job of that in me. Her mother did the same for her and her sisters. The women in my family are passionately independent, go-getters. This perspective of girl power fuels my reason for pushing YHM forward.

I refer to YHM as many things: a side hustle, a small business, a hobby, and a passion project. Whatever the definition, I hope to continue telling stories about women, individuals, and brands empowering the next generation of female entrepreneurs, trendsetters, scholars, policymakers, and more! From #BlackGirlMagic to #BossBabe, we can all get our girl power fix by tapping on a few hashtags.

Team YHM is here for all of it, and we hope to connect women in conversation and action. We love celebrating confident, intellectual, and joyous girl power moments. We take pride in that. So let’s all share those empowering moments on social media while using the hashtag #YHMGoGetter as our mantra. Plus, check out our girl power playlist on Spotify for a little motivation.

Until next time,
Yegide Matthews

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