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Lenore Luca: Teen on the Move

Lenore Luca: Teen on the Move

  • Written by Ijeoma Unachukwu

Today, the idea of being an independent woman is far from radical. However, many people have a warped view of what being independent really means.  YHM sat down with radio host, author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur, Lenore Luca.

As a 19 year old college student at Monctclair University, she knows plenty about what it means to be young, hot, and modern.  Luca talks to us about being unique and standing out!

Young Hot & Modern: So tell us how you got started

Lenore Luca: I started doing the radio show because my dad told me I couldn’t be an actress. I googled web servers that would let me have my own radio show and Teen Groove on the Move was started!

Then I realized that as much as I like to motivate people, I missed that sort of eye contact you have with the audience, so I decided to start motivational speaking. I wanted to write the book because I couldn’t travel as far as California and across the world so, the book would reach the people I couldn’t!

YHM: What does it mean to be independent to you?

LL: It’s exhilarating and overwhelming!  I think whether it’s being independent or not, just to stand up for yourself and be confident in who you are is something that’s a struggle for everybody including myself. If you can overcome half of your obstacles in life by being independent or strong, you can overcome anything.

Life is a battle and a roller coaster. Going through it is the journey. If you learn from your mistake and actions on your journey, you’re ultimately becoming a better you and learning to be your own person.

YHM: Do you think being independent means doing everything for yourself or having the courage to rely on other people?

LL: Sometimes it’s hard to do everything by yourself. To be independent you have to be able to rely and depend on other people and for other people to be able to rely on you to help them as well.

As much as being independent is all about you, you need to have a back bone. If you don’t have a backbone, if you don’t have somebody or people there to support you or help you out, you’ll just collapse. It’s hard to find those people, but it’s necessary to be truly independent.

YHM: What advice do you have for young girls everywhere wanting to be who they are?

LL: Never stop. You’re going to hear a lot of no’s. Take those no’s and find one yes. Because when one person says yes, it all pays yes. You get that one opportunity to shine. Be who you’re happy with who are with and not who society wants you to be!

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