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Stand Up & Stand Out

Stand Up & Stand Out

  • Written by Jnel Billups

One fear that everyone has when they go off to college is that they are going to be just another small fish in a very large and blended pond. They become worried that they are going to get lost in the shuffle and become just another number.

However, there are people who have learned the tricks of the trade on how to stand out on a big campus. YHM asks Kean University student, Mamie Marima, what she does to stand out in a crowd.

“I feel like I set myself apart by the clothes I wear. I have a unique style of clothing and love to shop. When I go to buy something, I never ask myself if so and so will like it. The only opinion that matters is my own and if I like it then I’m going to wear it.

The main aspect of standing out, I think, is being yourself. You may not necessarily want to follow what the latest “trend” is because you don’t want to be identical to those around you.

People will start to notice you when you’re comfortable enough to wear red in a sea of black and white. If you think like this, you can even start your own trend at your school!”

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