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How The Other Half Thinks

How The Other Half Thinks

  • Written by Ijeoma Unachukwu

It’s important to be confident in yourself and not care about what anybody else thinks. But to be honest, we all want to be liked by our peers, especially the opposite gender. For decades, women have been spending hundreds on beauty supplies and clothing to try and impress men.

This week’s Connection Story is a little different. YHM sat down with a panel of three  guys and asked them the question: “What makes a girl stand out?” The answers are surprising!

Javier Perdomo – “For a girl to stand out in a crowd, she has to be well dressed and neat. She has to have a certain posture and body language that shows that she is confident, not afraid. She has to have a voice that exudes intelligence but not conceit, while showing she has an outgoing personality,” says Perdomo.

Andrew Akanbi – “The very little details in an outfit makes someone really stand out. You can never really go wrong with vintage. With a little vintage print or pattern, you have no choice but to stand out from the rest of the world who seems to shop only at Forever 21,” mentions Akanbi.

Knyckolas Sutherland – “A girl stands out in a crowd based on her unique style or aura. Cool shoes or clothing with unconventional cuts of patterns draws my eyes. On top of that, if a girl holds herself confidently, she can really hold the whole room’s attention,” says Sutherland.

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