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Traditionally Unique Style

Traditionally Unique Style

  • Written by J’nel Billups

There are a billion people in this world and almost everyone has a culture that they represent within society. Each culture has its own customs and ideals that may be important to them. Along with these ideas, many of the cultures have clothing and garments specific to them. YHM asks Fatmata Rogers how she presents her own style when wearing traditional African clothing.

I love when I wear the clothing typical of my heritage. It’s my way to show my culture and educate people who may not necessarily know about it. I love to wear pieces with lots of colors and patterns that would definitely make me stand out in a crowd.

I even like to add a statement piece of jewelry that will match with my outfit. Some may think when I wear African clothing that I am already sticking out but I love to stand out even more! I am proud of my heritage and I consider it to be a fashion statement within itself.

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