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Finding Your Personal Style with Tomi Adesokan

Finding Your Personal Style with Tomi Adesokan

  • Written by Tomi Adesokan, YHM Blogger
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Hey I’m Tomi!

My style is very different. I love an abstract  design or a sophisticated outfit that combines art and fashion. I’ve been into fashion ever since I was young. I started of by sewing for my dolls then sewing for myself.

Sewing and fashion runs through my blood. I live for it and hopefully one day I am able to have my own clothing line.

This outfit is rocked by Mercy Deshield and designed by me! It was made to be worn for a classy event. For example, to a fashion show. The outfit allows you to stand out but also look beautiful at the same time.

Most people think an individual’s style identifies her with what kind of person she is, her personality, and who she hangs out with. But is that necessarily true? The majority of people’s closet includes a variety of clothes for different occasions.

For example, I normally wear street wear clothing most of the time. If someone was to look through my closet, they wouldn’t just see street wear clothes; You’d see classy outfits for church or for formal events. Blazers for meetings, basic button downs for work and or for when I’m going out to dinner with my girls.

At times, a lace fitted skirt, a velvet dress, or even a deep V cut in the center of my dress is the perfect fit for a girls night out in the city or even for a date.

Just like any regular girl, you’ll be able to find a pair of jeans and a basic tee for when I’m on the run or in a hurry. We live in a country that allows us to embrace our style so why not try out a different look for a change. So…what’s your style?

This look is worn by Yrbenka Arthus and is also designed by me. It can be worn to church, dinner, or a date. Depending on where you work, it can also be worn to your job.

Since matching your top with your bottom is trending, I decided to make an outfit that was matching too. This can be worn to the club or a party.

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