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Does Hard Work or Luck Make The Girl?

Does Hard Work or Luck Make The Girl?

  • Written by Bethsaida Romelus

What does self-worth mean to you? Many women are putting the amount of hard work they accomplish on a daily basis as the determination of their worth. Some women put in their looks and the men they date as a goal factor. While others find meaning in their career or academics. We ask four young women how much they rely on hard work and not luck to guide their lives.

Jacqueline, 21
I believe I work hard every day. I don’t believe that relying on luck  will help me more in life than working hard. Working hard has helped me attain a lot of my goals. I admire other independent women. Especially the ones that don’t lose sight of themselves.

Abby, 26
It takes hard work and sometimes luck to make things happen. I use a little bit of both concepts to navigate and accomplish my goals. For example, I can work my way through college, land internships, apply for jobs and get nothing. Then, out of the blue my friend passes my resume onto her boss. Boom! I have a job now and I can say I’m pretty lucky for that. Does that mean all my hard work was worthless? No not at all. Only you can decided – each day – what matters to you. No matter what, you have to know that as a human being you are worth way more than you can imagine because of how you love, laugh, dance and so much more.

Tasha, 20
I totally believe in hard work. I’m an ambitious person that likes to rely on my skills to get far in life. I make no excuses. I don’t believe I should rely on luck. I’m a really independent person that likes to lead and take control of projects. So I need confidence in myself to finish assignments. Another thing that I do that helps me in life is that I am not too hard on myself for making mistakes. I often pick myself up from failures. Working hard to move forward in life has helped me more than luck ever did.

Casey, 23
I think women constantly change their meaning of worth. In fact, everyone does that. We all look to material things to define who we are, but nothing comes without effort. I think it’s okay to say “Yeah, I have a nice car” or “I work at a top firm.” But things like that become pointless when you indulge and become selfish. I think that is when you lose self-worth and you will see you’re not so lucky anymore once people recognize that about you. You have to keep a clean and positive vibe each time you achieve a goal.

Okay, now it’s your turn. Sound off in the comments below on what makes you feel confident in what you do and how you measure your worth.

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