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The Heroes Among Us

The Heroes Among Us

  • Written by Ijeoma Unachukwu

Throughout the month of July, YHM has been discussing things you need to know to become a hot young women today, such as sacrifice, independence, and hard work. Through our interviews with successful women across the country, we’ve noticed a common thread: to be successful, you need a goal and inspiration. In other words, every young woman needs a hero to look up to.

This week, we talked to four Rutgers University sophomores who are just embarking on the journey of their dreams. For them, having a positive role model is not only beneficial, but necessary.

What is a hero?

Taylor Telesford: A hero is someone who does anything in their power to make other people’s lives better – and that doesn’t always mean putting their own life on the line. It is a person who’s actions and thoughts are admired by someone else.

Amani Steele-Ferguson: To me a hero is someone who is willing to put the needs of others before his or her own. It’s someone who has compassion, integrity, and humility. A hero is someone who tries to give back as much as possible as she or he can to the community.

Who is your hero?

Connie Fiocco: My hero is my aunt Susan Aquilino. Susan is a woman who always strives to find the good in people, rather than focusing on the negative. For as long as I have known her, she has never uttered a negative comment about anyone.

No matter what the circumstance is, she tends to find a way to calm the people around her in any dispute or problem. Recently, at 47, she was diagnosed with cancer.

Despite how horrible and unexpected the news was, she has not given up, pitied herself or doubted her ability to beat the diagnosis.

My aunt Susan has always been a role model in my life, but now she resembles a hero in my heart and to all in our family. She’s my hero because she fully believes God is on her side and she has the will, strength, and courage to overcome it.

Nicole Tavernier: Tony Horton, the fitness guru, is my hero. I’ve always struggled with my weight and health so when I find myself struggling, I think of his achievements and his charisma. His fitness programs don’t degrade or demean people.

Instead, they build people up and help them reach whatever their goals are. He’s respectable because he cares about the overall health and wellness of America.

He says you can be healthy no matter what your body type is and that really affects me. Tony Horton is my hero because he cares about people he doesn’t even know and wants to help them.

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