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Moorea Seal: How to be Versatile in Style

Moorea Seal: How to be Versatile in Style

  • Written by Josephine Bathan

Moorea Seal has more than just a few tricks up her sleeve.  She blended her abilities to design, build, sell, and freely express herself to construct, a shop inspired by the surroundings of the beautiful Northwest.

Moorea humbly walked into the YHM spotlight and showed us how she’s working her way to the top in design and retail while making the time to empower the women around her.

Young Hot & Modern:  As we can see from your blog, you’ve got your hands on a little bit of everything.  Can you shed some light on that?

Moorea Seal:  After I graduated from Seattle Pacific University as an Illustration major in 2009, I created my own job and blog by doing freelance illustration, blog design, and graphic design.  In 2012, I racked up 860,000 followers on Pinterest since the site went live and I’ve been ranked in the top 200 pinners.  I’ve even been featured as a curator on many major websites such as and

YHM:  What made you want to start your Etsy shop and retail store?

MS: I briefly worked as a sculptor’s assistant, which led me to view creating jewelry as creating mini sculptures.  My 4-year old Etsy shop features my own handmade jewelry.  My retail store,, features some of my work as well as the work of designers and artists that I’ve met via the blogging community.  Working in retail is a way for me to create a pinnacle of everything I love to do: fashion, graphic design, commercial design, photography, and supporting others.  The retail store donates 7% of all proceeds to various charities for women’s causes, children’s needs, animals, breast cancer/health wellness, and protecting the planet.

YHM:  How would you describe your line of jewelry and where does your inspiration come from?

MS:  I love things that are really clean and fresh, have sharp black and white contrasts, but are still soft and approachable.  My jewelry takes the chic and sophisticated styles of the city and contrasts them with rustic organic elements or nature.

YHM:  What are some of your future plans and goals for you and your shop?

MS:  I’m currently taking a metalsmithing class because my goal is to refine my line by making sterling silver and bronze jewelry.  I want to create a community, continue working with various nonprofits, and develop my own full fashion brand including bags, clothing, and shoes.  Basically, I’d like to somehow be the Oprah or Martha Stewart of fashion.  I have no aspiration to be famous, but I want to build something big and do something great with it.

YHM:  Can you describe the “Paint Your Love” section of your blog?

MS:  “Paint Your Love” is a weekly nail-painting series I started on my blog in 2011 that ran for about nine months.  There were different prompts each week where I opened up to my readers about my experiences to help women remember that they have voices and that they are valuable and worth investing in.

YHM:  What would you say your life motto is?

MS:  I know how often girls are not encouraged and empowered as much as they truly should be.  We can do powerful things if we love each other, invest in one another, and empower each other with kindness, grace, and hard work!

YHM:  What advice do you have for our readers who may be juggling many passions and are trying to decide what to do for their careers?

MS:  You don’t have to do every single thing you’re good at.  It’s pointless to work hard on something you hate doing.  Focus on what you love to do and put in a lot of hard work and effort, but know when to move on if you’re sick of it.

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