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Single or Taken: Women With Confidence

Single or Taken: Women With Confidence

YHM caught up with two confident young ladies to ask about boyfriends, or lack thereof, and if that has any bearing on their confidence. In light of June’s theme: “Get Motivated & Stay Positive,” it is important to remember our own self worth and have a positive outlook on life with or without a boyfriend.

Young Hot & Modern: Do you feel that your confidence is affected by whether or not you have a boyfriend?

Kelly Nguyen: “I think having a boyfriend can affect your confidence positively and negatively. Your boyfriend is often someone who you admire and trust. For many girls, the approval from such a person remains important. Therefore, a negative and discouraging boyfriend can dramatically affect how your view yourself. On the other hand, I do believe having a positive companion can inspire you and boost your confidence. The best compliments are from those that you admire the most. However, you have to be weary of becoming too dependent on your significant other.”

“I don’t currently have a boyfriend, but I’ve been in an array of relationships.As of now, I feel that I am the most confident I’ve ever been. It’s definitely possible to feel empowered without having someone reassuring you. Feeling confident on your own is often the best way to start a successful relationship.”

YHM: Do you feel that your confidence is affected by whether or not you have a boyfriend?

Erin Weiner: “I think confidence is helped when you have the right boyfriend. The best boyfriend helps their girlfriend’s confidence by complementing and helping them to be the best person she can be. If this is the type of boyfriend you have, then confidence is definitely boosted and girls feel better about themselves because they are consistently being told good things about themselves.”

YHM: Does your boyfriend help and empower you to feel confident in yourself?

EW: “My boyfriend personally does empower and make me feel better about myself. He supports me in anything I try. He also tells me I’m beautiful about everyday, which makes me feel like I actually am. I don’t think having a boyfriend makes confidence higher but it can definitely help at times when a girl is down.”

These two young ladies teach us that confidence comes from within, but it doesn’t hurt to have people by your side who you can rely on; people who can lift you up when you’re down.

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