Getting By With A Little Help From Friends

Friends are the main source of support for many young women. Erin Mitchell and Kirstin Natale are two lovely young ladies who have a large support system of sorority sisters. Their motto focuses on being themselves and to wear confidence as a natural make-up, however many females struggle with confidence and self-esteem.

YHM asked these girls about self-esteem among friends and how friends help each other out.

 YHM: Do you and your friends talk about your self-esteem?

Erin Mitchell (EM): I have a friend with very low confidence and we talk about it often. We  talked about how her lack of self-esteem effects normal things she does daily and that it’s constantly on her mind.

YHM: How do you deal with a friend if her confidence is low?

EM: To deal with it, I compliment her when she looks good, I noticed she lost weight, etc. I like to remind her of how beautiful she really is. Also, when something does not look good on her (clothes wise), I tell her in a nice way.

If I say she looks fine but doesn’t, she’ll stop listening when I do genuinely mean that she looks good.

YHM: How do you deal with a friend if her confidence is low?

Kirstin Natale (KN): One of my friends has extremely low confidence. She is always going through the wrong channels to gain confidence (i.e. boys and comparing herself to others).

As her close friends, we always try to show her how amazing she is on her own, without changing a thing or needing a man in her life. We always give her compliments and show how much we appreciate her for her.

YHM: How do you and your friends talk about your self-esteem?

KN: We openly talk about our self-esteem, among other things, so if one of us is feeling down about something, within that area, we can give each other that little boost everyone needs sometimes!

These young women remind us that there are always people surrounding us to keep up our confidence, and our friends may need us to do the same for them.

The best friends are the ones who know when you’re confidence is low without you even saying anything. Our jobs as friends are to pick each other up, and make our friends feel just as special as they really are.

By Maria Lattanzio

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