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Yoga Improves Both Health and Self-Esteem

Yoga Improves Both Health and Self-Esteem

  • Written by Maria Lattanzio

Living a healthy lifestyle is one way to boost self-esteem and confidence.

Noreen Kohl, a group exercise and yoga instructor at Rowan University, shared with us her experience with yoga as it relates to both health and self-esteem.

Young Hot & Modern: What are the benefits of yoga health wise? Self-esteem wise?

Noreen Kohl: Health wise, benefits include improved circulation, less stress and stress induced ailments, and more energy.

It eases joint and muscle pain as well as headaches. Yoga is low impact when done properly.

Self-esteem wise, yoga is great because it is not a competition, it’s all about doing what is best for you as an individual and honoring your body’s limits while challenging yourself!

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