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Confidence is a Lifestyle

Confidence is a Lifestyle

  • Written by Le’Ecia Farmer

YHM strongly encourages its readers to stay positive. Journalist and TV/Radio host Imara Médias describes to us her view on what it means to be a confident woman and how it relates to staying positive.

Young Hot & Modern: What does confidence mean to you?

Imara Médias: I have been asked this question today for the first time in my life, and I feel like I was born to answer to it!

Being confident is not only walking in the street and catching everybody’s attention. It is a kind of life-style. I am not kidding! As a young French black journalist, radio/TV host and blogger, my life is all about being self-confident. When your favorite public figure is Oprah Winfrey, you are not only interested in putting sparkle in people’s eyes, you want to stay in people’s minds, make them think and act according to what you’ve done or said.

When I go to a business meeting, networking reunion, do an interview, or host a show – being confident is not a choice, it is my only way to survive and evolve! Being confident means being well dressed too! I’m not superficial, our world is based on appearances, and a winner has to look like a winner.

Being well dressed means feeling beautiful or handsome, and strong enough to conquer the world! It is important to often think about the messages that we send out to people. Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Oprah are a few women that we can take as examples of success, thanks to a confident state of mind. They don’t need to overact or do too much to catch people’s attention. They just act as the confident women that they are.

It is really crucial to put yourself in a confident position, even if you feel like a motherless little bird. Life is like a perpetual battle, and I chose to use the winner’s position and attitude in order to get what I want. Nobody has to tell you about your desires and dreams; you have to build them. It is important to use your strengths and best sides.

It is not complicated at all. Being confident means being positive. Being confident means knowing who you are, where you are from, where you are going, and what you want. Being confident means being  inspiring. Being confident means being a winner!

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