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Ivory Couture’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection Makes a Bold And Elegant Stance

Ivory Couture’s Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection Makes a Bold And Elegant Stance

  • Written by Serée Joseph

Ivory Couture’s “The Women” Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was a breath of bold French Victorian fashion. Creative Director and owner Bella Ivory did an amazing job with her revolutionary line that sported a very classic chic design for the season.

From bold black fabrics with hints of delicate light lacework to splashes of passionate color, Ivory’s fabric combination exposes female strength, while preserving her elegance. Her abstract designs draped beautifully across fresh-faced models that confidently strutted down the runway to performing artist Chris Porter.

Bella Ivory and Chris Porter

Performing his newest party vibe single ‘Catwalk Killer,’ Porter kept the audience moving in their seats as the models blew us away look after look. There was much excitement floating around the room as the audience realized that although Ivory Couture is elegant high-fashion, it’s designed for individuals of all sizes and backgrounds.

With bold colors—white, black and red, and pink being the focal hues—for her line, Ivory makes strong statements, but it’s the way she is able to mix robust fabrics like leather with delicate lacing that truly tells the story.

In a spectacular production thrown by AMCONYC, guests hopped in front of the camera for red carpet close-ups and snacked on sweet delights from stylish gift bags.

With such delicate lacework peeking through a solid raven colored trench coat, Ivory reminds us that even a tough shell can’t hide a woman’s inner beauty.

Model, sporting a contrast of crisp, bold, and passionate color as light fabrics graze the cool autumn air.

Daring enough to stop traffic, model is flaunting an elegant black leather gown with hints of red that suggest she’s no force to be reckoned with.

Bold and fancy! Bella’s model pairs vintage jewelry with a bold red contemporary jumpsuit suit. You’re sure to be the main attraction at any event in this fun power suit.

Model wisps away in a sexy backless black gown with a tease of black drapery. This look is both elegant and classy, with a bit of flow.

From daytime cocktails to a fancy night out with your girls, this transitions perfectly. With the perfect pair of heels, any lady is guaranteed to have fun showing a little leg.

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