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Limor Ben Yosef: The Bridal Couture Designer Every Bride-To-Be Needs to Know

Limor Ben Yosef: The Bridal Couture Designer Every Bride-To-Be Needs to Know

Limor Ben Yosef, an Israeli bridal couture designer constructs stunning custom-made wedding dresses. Embellished with hand sewn gems and draped with a touch of power, she designs from the heart. She is self-taught and spent many years crafting her skills in beauty and fashion. Her 2017 collection, “Goddess,” is a true testament of “practice makes perfect.” The collection exemplifies how her adolescent years as a budding designer can produce not only a work of art, but a designer who is inspired by other women more than fashion trends.

The “Goddess” collection began with the careful selection of high-quality laces and fabrics. The gowns are adorned with an array of hand-stitched pearls and crystals on chiffon and silk fabrics. Limor sketched each dress by pulling from late night imaginations to early morning motivations. “Goddess” deserves much applause for its pitch-perfect fairytale designs. Her dresses are made for strong and sexy women who have an affection for power and beautification; hence the name “Goddess.” “I took the name from [Greek] mythology. Many of them are women; strong women.”

Limor explains her work is a specialty in bridal couture. One look at the intrinsic details of beads, lace, and patterns of her gowns, there is no denying that. “All my life I thought of bridal couture. It’s unique; I’m thinking outside of the box. I was tired of seeing all the same looks. All my life I thought of doing something else.”

Limor Ben Yosef, Israeli bridal couture designer

Strong and independent women are the motifs for Limor’s designs. She dishes that she is inspired by the female body to create the delicately detailed gowns she is known for. “We are women, we always have a little belly or butt. When I design, I’m always thinking of how to see the waist or to hide the little body that we have.” Limor also looks to her dreams and the fabrics she designs with for inspiration. “I like elegant and sexy.” The women purchasing Limor’s pieces, she explains, are chic. “They are special; unique. They are looking for something else that’s not by the books. Something that is more than fashion.”

So where did this phenomenal designer get her start? Limor explains that she connected with fashion at an early age. “I was 14-years-old when I started drawing in my notebook; everything was in the form of a dress.” Her entrepreneurial spirit kicked off at age 15 when she opened a beauty parlor on her parent’s rooftop. During her humble beginnings, Limor styled family members, her mother’s friends, and neighbors at her beauty parlor. While you might think an at-home beauty salon would rub her parents the wrong way, Limor explains that wasn’t the case. “They saw that it was really in my blood.” She also mentions that her father pushed her to move forward and to work hard. And that’s exactly what she did. Before she knew it, Limor was branching out to new clients. She had a unique perspective on beauty and fashion to offer her clients at a young age. “It came from the inside; I climbed very far and worked hard

Limor Ben Yosef | 2017 Collection “Goddess”

Limor’s early development as a business owner helped her effortlessly navigate into the fashion industry. She opened a full-fledged showroom and studio for blushing bride-to-be’s and their bridesmaids to model off her dresses and create the perfect look. She explains that her youthful experience shaped her to be the well-rounded businesswoman she is today. “It prepared me to go outside of my country.” The designer has traveled from Milan, Italy to Utah, USA.

2017 marks the second year Limor’s gowns strutted the runway of an Israeli beauty pageant. She dresses all the women of the competition. She was blessed to send her dresses off as one young woman went on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant and another in Miss World. “It was really exciting. It’s people from all over the world seeing my designs.”

Limor’s next design adventure awaits her on the red carpets of Hollywood, styling some of the most sought after celebrities. “I want to dress women for the Oscars and other red carpet events; Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyoncé. It would be an honor for me to dress them. Beyoncé is a sexy and powerful woman.”

While Limor gets most of the face time for her brand, her husband, Gil Ben Yosef plays a vital role in making the company run smoothly. “He’s the one behind the scenes.” Their teamwork makes for the perfect duo. Weddings are a big deal and one of the most important days of a couple’s lifelong journey. Limor admits that she never feels nervous about her work because it comes from the heart. “[The brides] know I’m there for them.” Her gowns are limited editions and custom-made, which makes every bride-to-be feel even that more special when Limor shows them the final gown. “Every day you have a special moment where your heart burst into tears. Everyone who is in the bridal salon is blown away. We make people so happy,” explains Gil

Limor Ben Yosef | 2017 Collection “Goddess”

Once all the toasts have been made and the dance floor is cleared, Limor receives the most warming touch of sentiments and praise from the women she dresses. “When I finish a dress—the hugs and kisses I get—it keeps me going.” She dishes that her favorite thing about weddings is a classic—“when the groom sees the bride for the first time.” Referrals never fall short in Limor’s studio and while she focuses on bridal couture, she branches out to pageants, galas, cocktails and hopefully red carpet events

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