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Daughters of Artemis: Stylishly Claiming Our Crown

Daughters of Artemis: Stylishly Claiming Our Crown

  • Written by Serée Joseph
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Ane Amour’s “Daughters of Artemis” collection for autumn/winter 2017 sent us on a hunt for power with its bold and rustic forest colors and prints. Designer Lyala Anne captured the true essence of women on the hunt in this season’s pieces. The A/W 2017 collection inspires us to feel as if we’ve slipped into the clothing of a goddess, while its bold cuts keep us modern yet conservative.

Allowing women to feel inspired to conquer, Anne made sure to create pieces that would suit all body types. Her tonal prints allow outfits to vary from day to night and from business to evening wear. Some of the floral prints that canvas white fabrics can even transition into the warmer spring and summer months.

Floral prints danced on ruffled fabrics in a fierce yet subtle way. The designer’s play with nature was exciting and the floaty fabric’s mimicked wispy hair in the wind. Conservative yet sexy, Anne’s garments hug and swing in all the right places.

Any woman wearing a piece from the “Daughters of Artemis” collection is sure to feel like a conqueror by the end of the day. Anne’s collection was crafted to make every woman feel like a conservative goddess on the hunt for her crown. Even if the battle is just to get through the day, Anne will make sure we do it in style while keeping our confidence intact.

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