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Fashion, Culture, and Personal Style

Fashion, Culture, and Personal Style

This month is all about universal love. But, what does it really mean in terms of fashion? The European fashion scene’s niche for being cozy and having well styled wardrobe has been an inspiration to 21-year-old, Alyssa Ezon.

“They’ll match cute capes, coats, and scarves to look warm, but wear them in bright colors to give their outfits style,” Alyssa mentions.

We are convinced that fashion is a leading connection for most women. In each culture there is something dazzling that sticks out. Even from miles away or next door there is always another girl admiring her sister’s style.

“I wish I could pull off the fashion prints of the African cultures. I love how intricate and detailed they are. The colors they use are also vibrant and beautiful they really stand out,” Alyssa said.

Some of us are bold enough to take a risk with our style while others are more laid back. Traveling to countries like Mexico, Israel, Italy, Ireland, and Hungary has opened Alyssa’s eyes to a lot of fashion trends.

She picked out a Native American meets European soft beige cape to tread in for the fall. There aren’t too many ladies modeling this look this season and that gives her the special feeling of owning her style.

From movies to dinner dates to Christmas parties with the family, the little black dress just might be a universal look for many women. Like Alyssa’s cape, we all have to own our look.

“Though the versatile little black dress is universal, the accessories don’t have to be. Different cultures could add different accessories, which makes it unique and special to their background.”

Ditch the red carpet and runway fashion icons and take a look at the fashion world right in front of you.

“My mom has a huge influence on what I buy in my wardrobe,” mentions Alyssa.

Growing up moms are the “go to person” for fashion advice and at the same time the one-person young girls want to not dress like. But Mama knows best. Alyssa takes a flick for the camera while at the mall and rings up her mom for confidence in a new look.

“She is the one I know will be completely honest and she always tells me she wants me to look my best,” says Alyssa.

Cultural fashion is something we can all learn from and discover each day. Stay tuned for more articles on universal love for fashion this month with YHM from everyday girls.

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