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Adey Zegeye on Fashion With No Limitations

Adey Zegeye on Fashion With No Limitations

The way you feel about your appearance is a big part of your confidence level when you step out for the day. Young women all around the world battle with finding their style all the time. You’re not alone. Questions like “does this make me look fat or is this me” runs through your head in the morning.

We all want to keep up with the latest trends and be ourselves all at the same time. Adey Zegeye, a junior at Rutgers University with concentrations in Journalism & Media Studies and Cinema Studies, finds confidence by not having fashion boundaries and taking tips from her mother!

Young Hot & Modern: Have you ever traveled outside of your culture and experienced a different fashion world? How did it impact you?

Adey Zegeye: I spent last semester in Paris, which definitely allowed me to fully express my fashion with no limitations. I like to wear edgy blazers, fur, and leather. So Paris allowed me to express myself more than living in a college town.

Although it seems like Paris’ fashion would be incredible, the style in Paris is a hit or miss. At Vogue’s Fashion Night Out, I saw some of the most creative fashion statements.

I think what makes it so unique is that people are not afraid to go all out. I noticed most people tend to go for a glamorous look, rather than a street chic. I learned that dressing your best really affects your attitude and confidence.

Just because you don’t live in a glamorous city, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rock statement pieces! Life is about taking chances; style is a great way to start.

YHM: Are there any fashion inspired pieces or trends you got from an older female in your life? Tell us about it!

AZ: I definitely get a lot of fashion inspired pieces from my mom. She has great style. She is also very classic, and classic trends never go out of style.

For example, my mom always taught me to pair black and white together. A pair of nice black suit pants with no pockets and a white fitted button down shirt can be accented with any accessory!

Fitted, black and white will always be a classic knockout, and the perfect color pair happened to be huge this season.

Neon is another trend I got from my mother. Years ago I used to try on her neon pink and orange Dior heels. As always, that trend came back and I was a two steps ahead!

So there you have it, another Timeless Fashion piece. Get motivated to break out of your fashion shell and continue the tradition of grabbing onto mom’s trends!

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