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Jeanne Lanvin on Originality in Fashion

Jeanne Lanvin on Originality in Fashion

  • Written by Jannel Therese Varona

Originality. Something every woman wants to achieve but often finds hard to attain. Whatever the season, almost every woman is wearing the same fashion trends, but what makes each style different for every person is how they make it their own.

For Berkeley College Healthcare Administration student Jeanne (Salvador) Lanvin, inspiration for originality comes from various cultures across the world and meshing old trends with new ones!

“My style is very free-spirited vintage with a dash of modernism. Styles from different cultures inspire me, particularly bohemian cultures. I make it my own style by accentuating an outfit with mostly metals and mixing together different trends from the past years,” Lanvin said.

To be original, creating balance between seasonal trends and your own style is key! Just like for any other woman, high-waisted shorts are one of the essential items in Lanvin’s closet this summer. But by simply adding gold accents such as her belt and pair of heels, Lanvin creates a summer ensemble that is one of a kind!

The one person Lanvin found inspiring when it came to fashion was her mother. She grew up around sewing machines and dress patterns because her mother was a fashion designer.

“I dream of one day discovering something as crazy as turning pineapple fibers into wedding dresses to add onto fashion history,” shares Lanvin.

Lanvin is now the owner of Candid NY Clothing. Stay tuned for her feature on YHM’s Fashion Spotlight section this month.

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