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Yasmeen Fahmy’s Notion on Style and Feminism

Yasmeen Fahmy’s Notion on Style and Feminism

  • Written by Kerilyn Bartley

Yasmeen Fahmy, the well-dressed brains and former blogger of Castle Fashion, is a self-proclaimed feminist, this 22-year-old fashion lover, graphic designer, and illustrator takes your notion of “feminist” and flips it on its head. Who says you can’t fight for women’s rights and care about the economics of clothing while in heels?

Young Hot & Modern: When did you start your fashion blog and online presence, and what inspired it?

Yasmeen Fahmy: Browsing through my outfit photos I honestly don’t feel like I’m portraying the style that I really love which is sort of a mix of modern pirate clothing, knits, and gold. I have a very average wardrobe, but recently I’ve become more selective about what I accept into my closet. The problem is that I’m very paranoid about what happens to clothing when it’s thrown out or donated. Either it sits in a landfill or it’s sent abroad where it reduces the demand for domestic textile production. So I always end up hanging on to many things I don’t ever wear.

As far as what makes me unique…it’s probably evident through my writing that I think incessantly. I studied economics and human geography so I always inevitably wander into dense topics on my blog. When I have the time I want to do a series on sustainable textile and merchandise production and distribution. I’m a nerd and I can’t hide it!

YHM: What’s one item from your closet you would never be able to give up?

YF: My Gianvito Rossi lace up heels from SS10. I’m so in love with them. My AllSaints pirate coat is a close second.

YHM: What’s one item you always need or want to wear?

YF: Oh my gosh muscle tees! I need to lock my muscle tees up because they’re so perfect for my lifestyle; I hate being constricted or stuffy and they feel so free!

YHM: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about feminists?

YF: That we’re angry man-haters? All I can think is, “You haven’t a clue what feminism actually is and does, do you?” For the record, I love boys, just like I love everything else on this planet…except asparagus.

YHM: I know that sometimes being a feminist and loving fashion and makeup are at war. Have you ever felt this way, and if so, how do you handle it?

YF: All the time. For me the central goal of feminism has always been and, arguably, will always be disseminating the ability to choose. Even if my aesthetics don’t align with someone I will always support them if they feel confident and happy in their aesthetic choices. I get very frustrated with mainstream magazines pitting celebrity outfits against each other (as if we can objectively say one looks “better” than the other?).

I’ve found a lot of bloggers buy into this aesthetic ranking process. I worry some bloggers actually regard others as “less than” or worthy of exclusion if they don’t follow certain fashion guidelines. It’s a bunch of bullsh*t and I hope the democracy of fashion blogging can problematize that approach to self-expression and self-love.

YHM: What advice do you have to our readers who are looking to become strong female leaders?

YF: It’s important to voice your thoughts and create dialogue, but I also urge women to consider persuasion and presentation, particularly those with some level of influence. I would argue that the general populous is often more affected by the delivery of a message than the message itself.

To me, feminism is not intrinsically radical or taboo and when it’s explained as such, it’s easier to absorb. Despite my occasional urges to get fiery, I try to approach every conversation with a level-headed and sensitive attitude; my goal being to at least spark curiosity and or inspire questions.

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