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Rebecca Minkoff: a Spring Collection for the Everyday Woman

Rebecca Minkoff: a Spring Collection for the Everyday Woman

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The Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2020 collection touched on a topic that’s dearest to me — motherhood! On February 8, during New York Fashion Week, Rebecca Minkoff showcased her S/S20 collection. It was inspired by the notion of rebirth, which continued the story of last season’s “working girl” themed presentation. This presentation, however, went a step further and celebrated all the parts of a woman.

Feeling stylish and sexy in every aspect and trial of your life was something you could feel in the presentation. Minkoff brought her styles to life in the 20-year-old young woman, the woman that’s expecting, and to the “now” a mom.

When I was pregnant in 2017, many runway styles I saw had beautiful statuesque women, and some plus sizes, but I missed the everyday wear for the woman transitioning into motherhood. Minkoff’s S/S20 collection served up versatile separates and dresses that can be worn in multiple ways. The line features an array of sandy nudes, pastel pinks, sea blues, mellow yellows, and burnt orange. The collection brings luxury items to everyone, not just one-size-fits-all.

“I wanted to design from our origins of a west meets east coast sensibility, by integrating natural elements of the earth tones, floral patterns, and silhouettes,” Minkoff notes on her collection.

Completing each ensemble was a mix of neon-colored leather mini crossbodies, woven textured and faux snakeskin shoulder bags, and beachy jewelry. Footwear featured unexpected details such as pearls, bows, and chunky platforms throughout.

The presentation marked Minkoff’s first venture into designing children’s clothing — with the launch of Little Minkoff, an eco-friendly kid’s clothing line. The colorful line uses technology to help mitigate waste, labor, and packaging through a block-chain traceability system. All fabrics used are composed of biodegradable materials, bluesign-approved reactive inks (that are earth-friendly), and uses 50% less water to produce.

From adorable matching children outfits to receiving flowers from the models, you could feel the human connection with fashion at Minkoff’s New York Fashion Week showcase. Evidently, one of our taglines is “where fashion meets true people.” That’s what this presentation represented.

The best articles of clothing are as beautiful as they are versatile and comfortable. From a mother to another mother and to the woman running around and living your dream, you will find a timeless piece in this collection.

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