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Inspirations of a Fashion Blogger

Inspirations of a Fashion Blogger

  • Written by Jannel Therese Verona

Young girls rely on certain fashion blogs and fashion bloggers to give them inspiration and advice on daily ensembles. But what inspires fashion bloggers to constantly update their blogs?

Twenty-one-year-old Lisa Lee talks with YHM to give us the scoop on what inspires her taste in fashion and her blog!

Young Hot & Modern: What inspires you in fashion?

Lisa Lee: Everyone! People that I see on the streets and online. Pieces of clothing inspire me in a great way as well. My followers on my blog and Instagram definitely inspire me and my style. They inspire me to keep going and come up with different ways to style outfits.

YHM: Have you ever traveled somewhere and experienced a different fashion world? Where and how did that affect your sense of style?

LL: I feel like everywhere you go will affect your style. For example, if I’m in San Francisco, I will want to dress warm and have an urban street-style feel. Another example is if I go to a city like Berkeley. I will want to dress up in a vintage-like boho outfit. The vibe I get from there is so free and indie-like!

YHM: There are so many fashion blogs out there, what makes yours stand out?

LL: I think my age makes me stand out. Since I am young, a lot of younger girls come to me for fashion advice because I dress in their age group. I like to look for deals, and shop in an affordable manner to try to come up with outfits that look like a million bucks.

Lee gives back to the young girls that constantly follow her blog by hosting giveaways and answering any questions they may have. Whether for photo-shoots or magazines, Lee aspires to be a stylist someday.

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