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Saturday Collection: Starbucks Drinks, Geode Lips, and More!

Saturday Collection: Starbucks Drinks, Geode Lips, and More!

  • Written by Destiny Butler

Welcome to our latest collection of pop culture buzz. Our new column titled “Saturday Collection” will catch you up on the latest lifestyle and entertainment talk. Never miss a beat with us and if you think we missed something worth making a scene—hit us up in the comment box below.

Good American Denim
As if the Kardashian sisters haven’t come up with enough ingenious ideas, Khloé Kardashian started her own denim line—Good American. The line features styles for all shapes and sizes.

Kendal + Kylie Bags
Breaking the fashion industry again, Kendal and Kylie Jenner have a new line of handbags out called Kendal + Kylie. It is a chic and sophisticated line of bags complete with faux fur keychains inspired by Kylie’s dogs.

New Brews at Starbucks: Chile Mocha Latte
Starbucks has already won our hearts with the pumpkin spice latte, but the Chile Mocha latte is now high on our list of favorites. It is flavored with cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, and completed with ancho and cayenne.

Kat Von D’s Limited Edition Studded Kiss Lipsticks
With shades all in the rose family, Kat Von D’s new studded lipsticks feature a few colors from three of her bestselling liquid lipsticks: Lolita II, Double Dare, and Mother. The chrome studded tube is so badass—our hearts just can’t take it.

Geode Lips
Another captivating beauty trend is Geode lips. Your lips literally look like the inside of a crystal rock. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

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