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Jamie Lee Buhain On Her Personal Style

Jamie Lee Buhain On Her Personal Style

  • Written by Jannel Therese Varona

New York City is not only one of the fashion capitals of the world, but it’s also a fashion world all on its own. Whether it’s the woman who bikes around Lafayette with her head held high, sunglasses on, with a pair of the sickest huarache sandals or the lady entrepreneur, sporting a black pencil skirt and a red blazer, waiting to get her coffee, New York City is a fashion world that will always attract twenty-year-old Jamie Lee Buhain.

This Rutgers University business student talks to YHM about what inspires her sense of style and how she makes it her own.

Young Hot & Modern: You said New York City is the fashion world that has greatly inspired you. How has it inspired/affected you and your style?

Jamie Lee Buhain: Not only does the city itself have visual and emotional appeal, but the chic New Yorker who walks around its busy streets also conveys a story simply by how she is dressed. Fashion is essentially centered on culture and even if I have not been to many different fashion capitals, I can say that I’ve immersed [myself] in Paris’, London’s, and Tokyo’s fashion influences, simply by observing from afar. It affected the way I carry myself, in terms of purely being me when it comes to dressing up and receiving every fashion innovation from all over the world in a positive light.

YHM: How would you describe your sense of style?

JLB: I tend to gravitate on an outfit that’s simple but bold and fun with a touch of casual comfort. Also, I’ve recently been in love with the trending modernization of feminine menswear and that’s basically where my sense of style is based on, combined with the girly twist to the sporty aspect of menswear.

I’m a sucker for clean silhouettes and as a business student, there’s so much room to recreate a fresh, new look to “business casual,” and just incorporate it to my daily casual wear.

YHM:What kind of styles inspire you and how do you make it your own?

JLB: I build my taste in clothing through my current closet. Take a glance at it, think of a way to develop it and get inspired from there. The changing of seasons also influences my taste in clothing. Then of course, the latest trends and look books featured on many fashion blogs always offer amazing insight on what’s in and what’s not so in. Vintage styles, our mothers’ closets, and the 90’s making a comeback moved everyone, including me, to modernize it.

I stamp my personality on an outfit by adding just the smallest and simplest highlights.

Black on black, chucks on a cream crochet vest with gold accessories to accentuate the dark colors. Mix eye-catching patterns from the oldies with cool basics and just a dash of ease and confidence to grace the fit with my own style.

YHM: How do you feel about brand-named products vs lesser-known independent places like thrift stores?

JLB: Brand names are always a pleasure to indulge in and if you are at the perfect part of your life when you can guiltlessly afford it, then by all means, spoil yourself! I have always believed that labels cannot define your whole fashion sense. However, precise sizing and awesome quality cannot be denied and brand names definitely are of quality. On the other hand, I love thrift stores because it builds a broke college student’s wardrobe on a budget. Plus, you can discover many one-of-a-kind and timeless items for a reasonable price that you just can’t find at a typical retail store at the mall.

Half of the excitement is finding treasure hanging on a seemingly dull rack for under twenty bucks.

Both are just a different kind of thrill unlike any other to a passionate shopper!

Buhain is inpspired by Cara Delevingne and Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Her friends and her family demonstrated that her fashion sense comes from the heart and she simply has to be herself in order to feel good and look good in the clothing she wears.

Fashion should not be about being boastful and materialistic, but essentially, to be able to express yourself in tailored material that will illuminate your bright and honest character, without having to say a word.

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