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The BuzzBug; All Access to the Celeb Lifestyle

The BuzzBug; All Access to the Celeb Lifestyle

  • Written by Lisa Green

Social media has us glued to our smart phones for fashion inspiration, commenting ‘lol’ on every hilarious yet meaningful meme, and of course the big one – the complete authority to stalk learn more about our favorite stars.

Our generation is in awe of the celebrity lifestyle from what they ate for breakfast to the amazing New Year’s Eve Dubai getaway with pals, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and more buzz worthy celebs.

Ricki Berger, Seventeen magazine’s Photo Researcher & Production Coordinator, has launched a fierce product that will give you the all-access pass you need to stay up-to-date on your favorite stars’ moves. The BuzzBug is an effortless site for being in-the-know because of the brilliant and pop culture driven woman behind it. We caught up with Berger to get all the deets.

Young Hot & Modern: Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process for The BuzzBug?

Ricki Berger: I created this website because I work at Seventeen magazine and I do a lot of celebrity photo research. So I thought to myself from a media standpoint, what if all this information was in one place for me. I’m a massive fan of pop culture, and I think a lot of people are, so I felt like this would be an asset to a lot of different people. Everyone who wants to learn about celebrities has a place where social media is aggregated in one place.

YHM: Who would you say is the main audience for The BuzzBug?

RB: I think 14-25 year old women mainly. That’s the main fan base but I’m older and I still love it. I use it everyday along with many media organizations and magazines that use it as a resource.

YHM: What are your goals for The BuzzBug?

RB: Well my site automatically aggregates celebrity social media together, and that’s great, but I think my goal is to really get the site out there. You can have an amazing product but if no one knows about it, there’s no point. I also want to get more celebrity exclusives and opportunities to go to more events. My focus is adding more content to the site, for it to really be successful and everyone to love it.

YHM: We saw that The BuzzBug recently posted a photo of you and Gigi Hadid on Instagram! That’s exciting. What was your experience like meeting her?

RB: Yeah, I’m a massive fan. I really freaked out. I wasn’t trying to be a fangirl but she was at the Seventeen office and I was so excited. Gigi was stunning. I was in awe when I saw her and she was so sweet.

YHM: Which celeb’s social media are you currently obsessing over?

RB: I would say Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid and all the models who are friends. It’s cool because we never really saw models who were friends on this level. This generation is going crazy over them. Girls really love them. I love that they’re best friends and we see them hanging out. I also like Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner – I’m loving her beauty game.

YHM: You mentioned you are a fan of pop culture. Would you say you are a celebrity fanatic or do you casually keep tabs on pop culture through the use of social media?

RB: I’m definitely crazy over Gigi Hadid. I almost cried over her. And Ed Sheeran – he’s really sweet. I also love the band Rixton. I went to their concert and got an awesome picture. It’s really exciting, but I always try to be professional.

YHM: What are some of the things that make your work with The BuzzBug difficult?

RB: Sometimes it can be very difficult. Thank God I’m passionate or I’d be overwhelmed. It’s difficult keeping the page up to date and making sure that the home page has the latest tweets and videos. I always have to keep on top of it. Red carpets and celebrity exclusives are fun and included on the page, but it’s hard because you have to get the celebrities to talk to you. But it’s definitely worthwhile and amazing.

YHM: Why should people join in on The BuzzBug feed?

RB: It’s the only site of its kind. It’s the only place that aggregates everyone’s social media together and posts on celebs. If you register, you can create your own list of social media links and can see all your favorite celebs social media on one page. There’s nothing like it anywhere else. There are celeb exclusives and social media Q&A’s too.

Berger has tons on her plate, from attending events and premieres for Seventeen, to keeping you in the loop on what’s hot in pop culture. So mod girls, head on over to The BuzzBug and see what’s trending. Who’s going to be on your celeb social media A-list?

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