Medi & Her Artistic Sketches of Your #OOTD

On September 25th 2014 the world – specifically Instagram and all its devotees – was introduced to the artistic and total trend-worthy art by 18-years-old Medi. Hailing from Ireland this artist began posting a few random artwork which later started a buzz. What’s her story? Well we’ve got the answers right here from her favorite trendsetters to her non-fashion artwork.

It’s not really about the person or what they do.

​​YHM: Why did you start @SketchMyStyle?

MEDI: I had a lot of time on my hands. Earlier this year I found @OOTDMagazine and @TokyoFashion on Instagram. I loved the outfits they were posting and found myself sketching the ones that interested me just for fun.

One outfit took less than five minutes since they were quick pen sketches. I thought, maybe I should start drawing other’s OOTDs and give it to them through Instagram instead of spending all this time just messing around.

​YHM: How did you get started?

MEDI: I initially searched #OOTD and any outfit I liked I sketched. It’s not really about the person or what they do. If any outfit/style/account catches my eye I note it down so I can sketch them later on. The sketches I post are a mixture of suggestions from people, requests and my own interests. I also like to surprise random people with sketches through Direct Requests.

I whisper ‘thank you’ whenever I see a notification pop up.

YHM: What do you look for in an outfit, pose, and/or photo to re-create?​

MEDI: I look for playful outfits that I would not generally wear myself. Just as long as the pose is a confident one. A clear, bright, confident full body picture is what I look for. It’s always nice when the person gives credit to the photographer.

YHM: Do you have a favorite blogger to sketch?

MEDI: Vini Uehara, Mariano Divaio and Annabelle Fleur have fun and exciting styles. Also my friend Vikki. I practice my portrait drawings on her.

It’s good to vary yourself and not stick with one subject matter…

​​YHM: What has been the most rewarding part of sketching fashion/bloggers?

MEDI: When people leave lovely comments it’s always heartwarming. I whisper ‘thank you’ whenever I see a notification pop up. It’s always a joy when someone re-posts a sketch I did of them. It brings a huge smile on my face. Others have made the sketches their lock screen which is only flattering to me.

YHM: What inspired you to sketch fashion?

MEDI: I have always been interested in fashion and style even though I’m not the most stylish person you will ever meet. I guess looking at other’s outfits and different styles and how they confidently represent themselves inspires me.

YHM: What other ways do you artistically express yourself outside of fashion?

MEDI: At home I sometimes paint. I use oil pastels all to do with different subjects such as landscapes, objects and profiles. I do some drawings for my little brother of cartoon characters that he loves.

unnamed (5)

Those are the most time consuming and frustrating as they have to look exactly like they appear on T.V. It’s good to vary yourself and not stick with one subject matter or one theme. Otherwise your interest and passion that was there before, will slowly fade away.

​​YHM: What are your future aspirations (art, career, life, etc.?)​

MEDI: I hope to do a course in either childcare or art. I’m quite uncertain at the moment. What will I end up doing? God only knows…

By Pamela Logan

Photos Courtesy of Medi

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