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Jeanne Grey; A Flare For Making A Difference

Jeanne Grey; A Flare For Making A Difference

What can make helping your community fun? Using your skills and network to do so. Jeanne Grey, of the Grey Layers, is one of few leaders out there stylishly serving her blogging community while making a difference.

On October 6, 2014 Grey teamed up with a dedicated set of personal style bloggers to host a “Shop My Closet” event where proceeds went towards the American Cancer Society.

This act of kindness was not a one-time deal for her. Grey hopes to continue creating awareness about other issues not just through fashion, but also in cosmetics.

“I want to create a make-up line [one day] that donates to battered women,” mentions Grey.

Tagging along for this journey will be a lineup of fellow bloggers she has faithfully committed her time to befriending and working with.

“I do lots of events to make blogging a community… Everyone is so talented. Everyone is out on their own and we should come together,” stresses Grey.

She gushes that one of the most rewarding aspect of blogging is inspiring others to dream big and starting up a blog for themselves.

So how did this lady in charge get started in the industry of blogging, which entails photography, journalism, marketing and so much more?

“I started with OOTDs and my boyfriend said to write about it. I didn’t think it was going to turn into anything.”

After a few short months (April 2014 until today – wow!) Grey Layers has created quite a buzz from events with Gypsy Warrior to Grey now hosting solo events!

If you’re running out of room on your career to-do list, take a page from Grey and just make your move. In college Grey studied medicine, but she was soon drawn to a new passion.

Don’t listen to anyone. If you feel you’re destined to do something – go for it,” urges Grey.

Between event planning and writing her next post Grey is paving the way for others to tap into their talents and network to make a difference in the world. Her growing fan base of 31, 000+ on Instagram is just a small proof of that.

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