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Relationship Don’ts: How Being Impulsive Can Ruin Your Chances at Romance

Relationship Don’ts: How Being Impulsive Can Ruin Your Chances at Romance

  • Written by Bethsaida Romelus

Do you believe in love at first sight? I do. I also believe in love at first hello, wave, and conversation. I’m what you call an impulsive and a hopeless romantic person. A dangerous and tragic combination because it leaves room for foolish mistakes.

In high school I was a quiet girl who was known to keep things to myself. I didn’t always share information about myself unless I had a crush (and that was many). The guy I would usually go after was tall, smart, and with a nice body. If he didn’t please my eye, he wasn’t worth my time. Now let’s get into the playbook.

Mistake #1: Falling for a guy just because he is attractive is foolish because you are not preoccupied with getting to know him as a person. He could have a beautiful face and a great shape on the outside but have the soul of Perez Hilton on the inside.

I was an impulsive girl who liked a challenge in guys. I wanted a guy that was hard to get. But I took things too far when I was flirting with guys who was potentially taken by other girls. At first, I didn’t care and thought it was exciting to start some drama. But soon, I got a reality check that what I was doing was wrong when I started to notice the guys distancing themselves from me.

Mistake #2: Don’t go after guys who already has a girlfriend! It’s not worth it, you have the potential to harm a lot of people. It’s best to love yourself and develop self-respect. You don’t want karma to come back around and get your man!

Another, mistake that I did was I didn’t really took the time to create strong relationships. I let things get hot in the beginning and let the rest of the relationships fizzle out. Guys and I would have close contact in the beginning but over time the intensity would fade and we would drift apart.

Mistake #3: Don’t get too intoxicated at the initial passion at the beginning. With the lack of patience to nourish a relationship, you and your partner’s bond will fade. This is the difference between a hookup and a serious relationship. If you are seriously thinking someone to spend your time with I advise you to take time to know the person and develop deeper feelings.

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