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The It Guy; Notes For Picking Prince Charming

The It Guy; Notes For Picking Prince Charming

Romance can be filled with spontaneous moments of “Aww! You shouldn’t have!” Then there are moments that are more like “I don’t know what to say.” Trust me that is not always a blissful reaction.  Instead it’s a search for words that can truthfully explain how your significant other doesn’t really understand you.

You can re-make your list of all the qualities your prince charming should have a million times, but in the end it’s all about compatibility and connection. Why sit around and dream of or chase after someone who is only  “your type” when your special someone could be right before you.

Here are some modest yet inspiring ways young women are making smart choices picking their “It Guy.”

Ashley, 20 – When trying to find the right guy, a good place to start is just looking in the places that make you happy, like your favorite class or your favorite store. This is helpful because you’ll have something to talk about right away – your mutual interest – and it won’t seem so intimidating to strike up a conversation.

Maham, 24 – I personally tend to look for a guy with a good sense of humor. Actually, great sense of humor! There are plenty of things in this world that are going to annoy you, if you have that someone who can lighten the mood for you just about instantly, that’s refreshing to have.

Kim, 19 – Understanding the other person and their thought process goes a long way in relationships.

Emma, 22 – I think you have to be great friends first. Relationships can’t be built strictly on attraction. You both have to enjoy each other’s company and have something to talk about.

Megan, 26 – There’s no formula for finding a boyfriend. Actually, I believe that the right guy will find you when you least expect it.

Kasey, 22 – Opposites attract, but don’t last. Completely the same person will just induce countless arguments. Finding a complement is key. There are differences, but there are also a few similarities or hobbies that you two can bond over.

Shawn, 22 – In a relationship I like to be challenged every now and again. Having someone who is exactly the same as you is nice, but it will never compel you to think or act in a new way, which can get a bit boring.

Toni, 21 – It’s all about a connection. Relationships shouldn’t be based on shared interests; it’s about the pull you feel towards the other person.

Jen, 23 – For me, it all comes down to your sense of humor. If you find humor in the same things, you usually find a way to land on your feet, even in the toughest situations.

Thao, 25 – I always say, if you find yourself happier around this special someone and they make you laugh more often than not, then they’re pretty much a keeper.

Kathleen, 23 – Finding someone is how well one individual’s energy complements the other, not dependent on the other. Attraction should resonate on all levels including the superficial, physical qualities, but most importantly connecting deeply within.

Naomi, 18 – It’s all about personality. Yeah being attracted to the person is the first thing that happens, but having compatible personalities is what lasts. Along with personality I love a sense of humor. If a guy can make me laugh and make me feel comfortable with him it makes me like them that much more

Now it’s time to do some soul searching. Let’s not limit ourselves when it comes to finding someone who brings out the best in us and vice versa. Be willing to grow in your relationship and continuously have fun!

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