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Guy Talk; First Date Thoughts and the Rules of Instagram

Guy Talk; First Date Thoughts and the Rules of Instagram

The moment has finally arrived. We are so ready to dabble in the never-ending convos about love and life! Notebook Confessions will have you eating your heart out as we chop up the meat of all relationship topics to just about anything we write down in our journals!

To kick thing off is the much-anticipated Guy Talk feature. We’ve put together a potpourri of classic relationship questions and matched them to the modern way of life. Check out what some men have to say about attraction and dating.

If you could prep a girl’s mind for a first date with you, what would you tell her and would you go for a romantic evening?

Matt, 22 – Definitely got to be a bit romantic, but this date is the attention grabber, the hook, the intro paragraph to what is hopefully a long book. I don’t think it has to always be a romantic dinner, and it shouldn’t be, I would tell the girl to be open minded and to expect that it is something I know they will enjoy.

Nick, 20 – I think it really depends on the girl you’re taking out. Some girls are interested in a nice sit down dinner and some are into hiking trails and rock climbing. Sometimes it may even be nice to do something you haven’t done before. Make a date an experience.

Kyle, 22 – As a first date, it’s important to be able to sit and talk with the person, to learn who they are, for them to learn who you are. At the same time, you should aim to have fun! Don’t do something you would never do to impress; just focus on being yourself.

How can girls make guys feel more relaxed in a relationship?

Dillon, 25 – Relaxation: Let us be us. Let us have our “Guy nights”, let us be a bit mysterious/have a secret or two. There is a difference from hiding an affair or trying to surprise you for an anniversary.

Evan, 20 – Be happy to be with that person, and show that you are happy. Respect their aspirations and never hold them back. Forgive and more on. Forgiveness is a big part of a relationship.

Do you like a girl dressed up or dress down?

Kevin, 21 – Dressed down. A girl that can dress down and still be able to rock it shows her confidence about herself and that quality I find more attractive in a girl than one that dresses up and wears a ton of make-up.

Lewis, 23 – Either is fine. It’s not always about how someone looks. Someone who can rock no makeup and still look beautiful is a catch.

Paul, 19 – I generally like a girl dressed down. For me a more natural look is attractive, plus it makes me appreciate the times she does decide to do something extra.

Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram selfies. Do tell!

Mark, 24 – Please don’t do the “duckface.”

Derek, 21 – SMILE. But don’t smile for the picture; take the picture because you’re smiling!

Eric, 22 – DO showoff something you made or accomplished. It’s great to see hard work visualized. Whether it’s a painting or a mountain of textbooks you just read, show that off.

Michael, 19 – Just try to be a little classy. Do not be ashamed of nerdy things. If you’re playing a video game or binge watching Netflix, have fun with it.

Is it important for a guy to pay for every date or would you be okay splitting the bill?

Dan, 22 – Money: First date = guy pays (unless it goes horrible and you two never plan to meet again). When the relationship gets “serious,” then splitting is nice, especially since no one wants a broke boyfriend.

Lemar, 21 – I personally enjoy paying for a date but there is nothing wrong with a woman paying. I usually pay, but if for some reason I don’t have any money or haven’t been paid yet, my girlfriend is quick to jump at paying for the bill.

So there you have it! Dating and boys will forever be the center of every chick flick and a topic for YHM. Be sure to drop a comment below with your thoughts and even more questions we can dig for.

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