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YHM Special: Pursuing Our Dreams with Jannel Therese Varona

YHM Special: Pursuing Our Dreams with Jannel Therese Varona

  • Written by Sarah Jaihe Lee

We always promote and push our readers to follow their dreams. Pursuing our dreams may not always be easy, but if we really want something, we should do everything in our power to get it.

Our very own intern, Jannel Therese Varona, talks to YHM about going after her dreams as a journalist in the fashion and entertainment world and her resolutions for the New Year.

Young Hot & Modern: Tell us a little about yourself.

Jannel Therese Varona: I am an aspiring fashion and entertainment journalist. I want to conquer the fashion world one floor of the Hearst Tower at a time.

YHM: In what ways have you followed your dreams and what would you tell someone about following theirs?

JTV: I attended a lot of networking events and events that would continue to inspire me, and help fuel my determination to achieve my dream. The very last event I went to that impacted me the most was Seventeen Magazine’s Internships 101 Event.

I was inspired by people such as Ann Shoket, the Editor in Chief of Seventeen and Lauren Berger, the CEO and Founder of After that event, I was really inspired and determined more than I ever was. Everything just kind of fell into place afterwards.

I would say to not be afraid to pursue whatever it is they want to pursue. Nothing is impossible!

YHM: Recently, you got hired at Seventeen Magazine as an intern. Can you share that experience with us?

JTV: I applied to tons of internships before landing one at Seventeen. I was rejected by most and it definitely put my confidence down, but I never stopped trying. I applied to two internship positions at Seventeen.

I wanted just one interview, but I got both! The interviews were nerve-wracking. After each one, I thought of the things that I could have done differently, but it was out of my hands.

Before I found out the news, my email was the first thing I checked every morning. It was honestly a dream come true when I found out I got both of the internships.

I grew up reading Seventeen and never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be part of the publication. My nine-year old self would be really proud! I made a choice and I believe I made the right one.

YHM: With the new year ahead of you, have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

JTV: My New Year resolution is to continue to surround myself with people who will not bring me down.

YHM: A new year means adopting new habits. What are some bad habits you hope to work on in 2014 and what are some new ones you would like to have?

JTV: Haha! I feel like in 2013, I depended a lot on caffeine. I would probably work on reducing my caffeine intake! I would probably want to start managing my money better. I find it hard to save!

Take on each day of 2014 with positivity and fearlessness by making your dreams a reality. We wish Jannel all the success and happiness for the new year!

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