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Join Team YHM

Join Team YHM

Are you looking for a fun and creative internship? Look no further because we’re hiring. We are dedicated to leading the next generation of journalists and social media gurus with hands-on experience in journalism and social media marketing. At YHM, you will have the opportunity to get published, pitch ideas for new sections and/or series, attend events, and craft your skills. Learn more about our programs here.

What do our interns have to say?

“The program had a very big impact on me in terms of staying on schedule and on top of everything. It taught me a lot and I learned how to edit and publish articles.” – Sarah Lee, former Senior Contributing Editor (Editorial Intern)

“My internship with YHM helped me enhance my writing and interviewing techniques which allowed me to write interesting pieces about the different people I came across throughout the program. It also was a great way to network with people who were interested in the journalism field and get my foot in the door!” – J’nel Billups, Weekly Zaps Intern

“YHM helped my knowledge of WordPress vastly, which is perhaps one of the most important computer skills I need as a budding journalist.” – Casey Gale, Weekly Wear Intern

“New York Fashion Week 2013 was a growing experience for me both as a journalist and a person. As a person, meeting upcoming and renowned fashion designers taught me that hard work has its rewards, therefore I should keep going. As a journalist, this experience taught me that it will take more than hard work and dedication to reach all of my dream publications, therefore I should keep striving.” – Jannel Varona, Fashion Spotlight Intern

“Interning at YHM gave me a sense of what’s in store for my career in the media and public relations industry. The skills learned there, with the help from the members of YHM, molded my sense of direction for the future. From event planning to photo shoots, the experience was a blast!” – Gabby Morsella, Public Relations Intern

“I think the program was designed to help each intern grow as a writer and learn fundamental skills. I think my expectations were reached. The weekly phone calls were great. Other remote internship supervisors only connect with their interns via email.” A.I., Editorial Intern

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