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Kourosh Babaian: Behind the Janique Collection

Kourosh Babaian: Behind the Janique Collection

  • Written by Jannel Varona
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Manhattan, New York-based fashion designer, Kourosh Babaian, graced the runway with his meticulously detailed creations during New York Fashion Week.

The world is no stranger to the thirteen-year-old Janique women’s collection. From the United States and South America to Japan, Russia and the Middle East, there are over 300 Janique stores worldwide.

For a line that balances femininity with seductive taste and focused on sophistication, Janique is a perfect name, for it means ‘woman’ in a Persian dialect.

After his Janique Fashion Show, Babaian proudly stepped into the YHM spotlight to talk about his inspirations as a fashion designer and his collection.

Fashion design was not his initial career choice. Before Babaian pursued a career in design, he aspired to be on Broadway. With his love of the arts and creative mind, Babaian found his niche in the fashion industry.

“Fashion seemed to be something I could do and it’s something I loved doing,” Babaian said. “I’m actually glad I ended up in fashion.”

According to Babaian, Janique Fashion Week is the most momentous moment of his life, thus far. Janique has become one of the leading producers and designers in the fashion industry.

Janique and it’s beautifully crafted, eccentric evening gowns have been featured in high-fashion magazines such as Seventeen, Teen Prom, People and In Style.

“My future plans for my Janique is whatever God wants me to do because I know that’s what I’m going to end up doing,” Babaian mentioned.

Like Babaian, we hope our readers find their niche and pursue the career they love because success will surely follow. Be sure to check out the Janique collection and look out for Janique in the next New York Fashion Week.

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