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How Women Are Taking Over Their Careers – Online!

How Women Are Taking Over Their Careers – Online!

  • Written by Bethsaida Romelus

Today, information and services can be spread and received further and faster than ever before because of the Internet. Individuals everywhere are building their careers online based on their talents, services and clients.

There is a new wave of bloggers, web developers, and artists who have embraced the idea of becoming their brand and are making great profit! We asked three young women who are looking to become online freelancers and marketing gurus how they feel about their future careers.

Nicole, 19

“I’m an artist that often uses color pencils and painting for my artwork. I have many sketchbooks of my drawings. Recently, I posted my artwork online and got a nice following. My friends advised me that I should put my work onto shirts, shoes, and other products so I can sell them. I really like this idea and even ordered a box of plain white T’s to work on.

I’m taking online classes to learn new skills like Adobe Photoshop so I can become a graphic designer. I feel like there’s so much free information and technology out there that it would be wise to learn as much as I can. I want to create a brand of my artwork and hopefully be in demand soon. Anything is possible if you work hard for it!”

Lizzy, 22

“The Internet is a fun and useful tool for studying almost anything. I’m an aspiring filmmaker, but I’m still on the fence about transferring from my undergraduate to a college that has a film program. My major is English and I still love reading and writing. I know those skills will be useful to me as a screenwriter.

While completing my major, I’m constantly sourcing information and new tips for video editing and music production on YouTube. I have watched hours of how-to videos on how to make music in GarageBand. I definitely want to pursue film in graduate school, but in the meantime YouTube and Vimeo allow me to keep practicing and sharing all that I do in film.”

Roberta, 18

“I love fashion! I go shopping all the time. I even have a few retail jobs at the mall. I’m starting my own blog and YouTube channel to share the latest fashion retail and online deals. I’m also hoping that I can be a make-up guru too. I interned for a fashion show before and worked backstage with the models. I learned a lot about hair and make-up.

I want to get more internships so I can build my resume and experience. I watch a lot of online videos and see that there is a large market for this kind of information so I should take part of it as much as I can. Currently I’m taking part in social media to create a following.”

These young women are feeling inspired, building a brand and are expanding the way they get their information on how to kick-start their career. From online classes to YouTube tutorials there is seriously an immense pool of ways you can break into any field.

What makes the Internet so exciting is that you can get the 101 deets from personal bloggers and vloggers to tip-top lectures. Do you have an exciting project that you want to show the world? Sound off in the comments below and tell us your goals!

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