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Jordan Elizabeth Gelber: Leading Lady Behind Starbaby Enterprises

Jordan Elizabeth Gelber: Leading Lady Behind Starbaby Enterprises

  • Written by Jannel Varona

Although only twenty-five years old, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber is checking major accomplishments off her wish list. The CEO and Founder of Starbaby Enterprises humbly stepped onto YHM’s Fashion Spotlight and shared some of her life lessons and future plans for the New Year.

Gelber used her business expertise and talents in the arts to establish a brand geared towards young and experienced professionals in the entertainment and creative industries, to help them successfully brand market themselves.

Starbaby Enterprises successfully launched in August 2013. The savvy new company is dedicated to creating things people are familiar with and something that is affordable.

“I always wanted my own company,” shared Gelber.

She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and Graphic Design from Marymount Manhattan College.

After graduation, she met celebrity fashion designer, Kourosh Babaian, the man behind Janique. Starbaby Enterprises hosted the Janique Fashion Show during the glamorous New York Fashion Week 2013 for their first event!

“I love putting fashion shows together. It’s exhilarating!”

With all of her success, Gelber has learned many lessons along the way. She shared three of these lessons with YHM. The first lesson she shared was that everything is a learning experience, even the bad ones. Second; relationships are everything.

From the person that delivers the coffee to the model going down the runway, Gelber believes that every relationship is important. The third lesson is to never be afraid to ask. The answer will always be a no if you don’t ask.

Prepping for Janique 2014 and producing a music video, Gelber has a lot planned for the New Year. YHM is sure that 2014 will only bring Gelber and her company success and nothing less.

How will you conquer the New Year?

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