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The Burlesque Boudoir; All You Need to Know

The Burlesque Boudoir; All You Need to Know

It’s 11am in the city and the smell of this morning’s coffee is still lingering in the air. As the New Yorkers cross my path in their top-notch heels and suits, I await the arrival of the fabulous Jordan Gelber, the founder and CEO of Starbaby Enterprises.

Gelber struts in with luggage in her hands for her next business venture. She begins to dish about the upcoming fashion week events for Starbaby.

First up is the edgy meets sexy showcase of Louise Ferdinand’s Lingerie collection on September 4th in New York City. Appropriately titled, “The Burlesque Boudoir’, will also feature the unique shades of eyewear designer Stevie Boi.

“This year I am very big on celebrating a women’s figure.”

Gelber loves inspiring women to be sexy and smart wrapped up in one. Finding inspiration from Sophia Amoruso’s novel Girl Boss and Instagramers like Team Boss Babe, Gelber keeps her head high after getting a few nasty comments about her appearance in the “The Burlesque Boudoir” promo video.

“There is a stigma that women can’t be smart and sexy. I want to show that I could be the brains behind my project and I have the [guts] to really put myself out there.”

There is no time for negativity when you’re moving at the speed of New York to plan a fashion show. The night’s elegance will feature a haute performance from the dancers of Duane Park Burlesque.

We surely won’t be missing out on this event and you shouldn’t either. Grab your tickets here and be sure to use the exclusive code ‘Early Bird’ to snag 20% off. Proceeds from the event will go towards the Walk the Walk America foundation.

Starbaby is on a mission to bring upscale fashion to the public and benefit designer at the same time. In just one year the company has made tremendous moves in the fashion industry and they are ready to take on more.

“We’re buying the clothes; we’re still a part of this fashion world, yet we can’t touch it.”

Get in line as Gelber and her amazing team plan up a few projects in film productions, product launches, fashion shows and much who knows what’s next!

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