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5 Ways Bloggers Changed the Entrepreneurial Game Forever

5 Ways Bloggers Changed the Entrepreneurial Game Forever

  • Written by Jackie Delaney

Typically, we think of an entrepreneur as a person who organizes and operates a business. But in the past decade, the Internet has challenged both meanings of “entrepreneurship” and “business.” With the rise of blogs, beauty, fashion, and food bloggers have turned into entrepreneurs, responsible for creating businesses out of their websites. Here are five ways digital influencers have changed the entrepreneurial game forever and how you can follow suit.

The StartUp

#1 Bloggers have changed the way a business is launched. An entrepreneur usually takes on a huge financial risk starting a business. Creating a blog, on the other hand, involves almost no risk, and it can provide huge rewards. Chiara Ferragni founded The Blonde Salad in 2009 as her personal style blog. Since then, the site has transformed into a complete lifestyle experience, covering fashion, beauty, celebrities, and travel editorials. Ferragni herself has collaborated with major fashion houses and designer brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Tommy Hilfiger. Additionally, she launched a footwear line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, in 2013. Of course building an empire like Ferragni is not as simple as “pose and post.” This career takes true dedication. You have to focus, dream big, and have an open mind for a range of possibilities. Not to mention, a pretty creative staff once you hit a certain threshold.

#2 Bloggers have taken advantage of the huge influence social media has had on marketing and targeting audiences. Australian beauty vlogger Lauren Curtis reaches followers through multiple platforms, especially her Instagram. Using different media platforms has allowed her to reach her global 2.8 million followers more effectively and efficiently. Talk about a pitch-perfect marketing strategy for a budding creative professional.


#3 Bloggers have used their websites to create a business centered on their passions and tastes. London-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger Estée Lalonde re-branded her site (switching over from her YouTube channel, Essie Button) to cover more than just beauty. She managed to stay true to her interests and become more honest with her subscribers. The blogging business makes it simple for bloggers to switch platforms while remaining transparent to loyal followers.


#5 Blogging has had a huge role in creating partnerships between brands and businesses. Michelle Phan, the makeup blogger extraordinaire, launched a makeup line through L’Oréal. Subsequently ending her line with L’Oréal, Phan co-founded, a company providing monthly deliveries of beauty samples and products in signature Glam Bags. Bloggers have shown how important collaborating with other businesses and bloggers is. Companies no longer have to rely on celebrity endorsements or stick to traditional co-branding campaigns with other companies. There are thousands of bloggers with a niche audience who listen to their every move. Both small and big businesses can profit from a “blogger and brand” venture.

So yes; bloggers have definitely changed the entrepreneurial game. From influencing the launch of a business to showing how important self-branding is, digital influencers have added a whole new layer to the way businesses are formed and operated.

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