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Lynn Kim Do; The Charms of Being Creative

Lynn Kim Do; The Charms of Being Creative

There is a beautiful charm about the combination of creativity and business. This dual trait is just two of the flawless characteristics we find in Lynn Kim Do.

Yes, we can’t get enough of this stylish entrepreneur. We’ve already buzzed about her epic Neckbreakin’ Style video and collaboration with ALDO.

After many nights scrolling down her Instagram feed we knew we had to take a seat with this creative diva and hear her story.

We met at the very popular and cozy Play café for a totally laidback meet. Currently the Head of Social at Bravo Media Inc., Do finds balance between work and play.

Do combines her love for creativity and being an entrepreneur so effortlessly that it pours out in all she does. After graduating from Rutgers University, with a BA in Communications in 2014, Do, took on New York with a brave heart to make creativity her business. She continuously researches and collaborates with the next big inspiration while at work and now on Neckbreakin’ Style.

“It’s always rewarding directing and styling shoots for young talents. They always leave something with you,” Do said in a recent Instagram post.

While cat sitting in a Goth – yet chic – apartment in New York, Do, came a cross the book Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite which sparked her interest in taking on the blogger world that week.

Although she was initially intimidated by the idea of blogging, she gathered up her closest friends to join her on the adventures of style and life.

“They believe in [Neckbreakin’ Style]. It’s not just me… I don’t know what I would do without them,” mentions Do.

A first glance at the sophisticated street fashion blog will have you adding to your already long list of new looks to try. However, if you start looking deeper into her posts you’ll find meaningful definitions of style, memories and making connections.

The re-launch of her blog last month came with the new section titled #Neckbrkr. This feature erases any perceptions you may have about bloggers being vain.

“I wanted to start a community outside of myself. It’s a connection for a bigger dialogue,” states Do.

With a warm heart, professional demeanor, and big ideas we see Do shaking up the creative community in more ways than one. What we love about Do is her drive to inspire others to follow their dreams while bringing them along on her ventures. Stay posted on Do as she kicks things up a notch.

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