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ItsMyRayeRaye; Genuinely Stylish

ItsMyRayeRaye; Genuinely Stylish

  • Styled by Danielle Fontaine

Our generation has a massive love for sharing our creativity online, and Raye Boyce from the popular YouTube beauty vlog ItsMyRayeRaye shows us the path to success and staying humble.

With over 540,000 subscribers, Raye has captured the hearts of die-hard makeup fanatics to your everyday gals. She recently collaborated with Blogger Box Beauty, for anyone who wants to rock the perfect ItsMyRayeRaye look. With this collaboration, you can grab it next season or style things up with the Jordan Lip Pencil, which Raye gushes is her favorite application in the box. “It’s so cool because unlike other boxes, there is no subscription service,” brags Raye.

After sharing and collecting some of her favorite beauty tips on Tumblr, she was encouraged by her followers to begin vlogging. As a fresh face and dynamically trendsetting businesswoman, Raye strived to chat up affordable makeup products and easy access to all her fans. “I first started [to post] random videos with no schedule. I just winged it,” she said.

Quickly garnering attention from companies and being recognized on the busy streets of New York, Raye was on her way to becoming the beauty guru she is today. Her wise and bubbly personality keeps her on track and loved by her subscribers.

Raye tells us the key to a genuine brand is to “make sure you realize what people are looking for and give them a taste of what you want to share too.”

Although she describes herself as a regular boring girl we think her self-branding skills are definitely worth praising. The 24-year-old entrepreneur struts through obstacles and new opportunities with a strong support system by her side. “I really put everything in the hands of God.”

Vlogging and blogging come with serious dedication and constant creative perfection. Raye has support from fellow bloggers, family, and her husband, Eric Boyce.

When it comes to staying focused, she advises upcoming bloggers to know their worth and most of all, love what they do. “Stay loyal to who you are,” she encourages.

So what’s next for Raye? With all the success of ItsMyRayeRaye and a passion for makeup Raye’s next move is to create her own line. “I’m working on a lipstick collaboration with another brand.”

Who’s the upbeat company she’s collaborating with? Shhh! Stay tuned to her fab channel for more details.

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