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Manifest Good Vibes and Achieve Your Goals With a Vision Board

Manifest Good Vibes and Achieve Your Goals With a Vision Board

Canceled vacations, postponed weddings, virtual working. 2020 didn’t necessarily go as planned for many of us. Despite the major life changes, however, it shouldn’t stop us from manifesting a better 2021. In our article about ways to destress around the holidays, we recommended letting out your creative side. To spark a more positive outlook about the future, make a vision board, and set yourself up for your best new year yet.

It’s easy to say our New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes, it can be difficult to envision them, to actually see ourselves accomplishing our goals. Enter vision boards. Simply put, these boards are a visual representation and a reminder of what we want to achieve. You can make these any time, but they often coincide with manifesting a fulfilling new year.

Think of a vision board as a mood board for your life. We often create mood boards when decorating a new space or planning a style aesthetic, which helpfully materializes ideas. Vision boards are the same, but for your goals and aspirations. They can be as creative or as practical as you’d like. Don’t worry if you’re not super crafty—these easy steps will help you transform your life vision into a tangible reality.


The first and most important step for your vision board is to figure out what your vision is. This may not always be clear at the beginning, but take some time to meditate on what you want your new year to hold. Don’t get hung up on the next 10 or 15 years. Focus on one year at a time and be realistic with yourself as you consider your aspirations. What can you accomplish in the next year? Where do you want to see yourself at the end of 2021? Hone in on a few aspects of your life and visualize what you want them to look like.


Keep your eyes open for things you want to put on your vision board. Snag that paper on the sidewalk if it catches your eye. Pull out old magazines and newspapers. Browse your Pinterest boards. Print out your favorite quotes. When you feel like you’ve covered all of your bases, find a (preferably non-greasy) pizza box or buy a canvas at your local art supply store or take up a wall and get ready to envision.

Putting It All Together 

Layout all of your supplies to help yourself prepare. Begin by planning out where you want each piece of your board to go. Try to keep words at the forefront of your board and surround them with other pictures and snippets you’ve snagged. Then, when you like how everything looks, grab your glue or tape and start pasting all of your pieces, watching your vision come to life.


After you’ve completed your vision board, place it in a spot where you will see it every day. It’s good to keep it somewhere that you visit before the most productive part of your day. Maybe the bathroom, so you can think about it when you’re getting ready. Or maybe next to your bed if you like to work at night. Wherever it goes, remind yourself of what and where you want to be when you look at it. If that vision changes, make a new one or add to it. This is your reality.

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