At one point or another we have all set goals for ourselves. It can be something as simple as telling yourself you are going to wake up early in the morning, to saying you want to lose twenty pounds before a big event.

It is no surprise to anyone that students around the world are beginning to set new goals for themselves as a new school year begins.

YHM asks student, Shannon Kelly, to share her goals for the upcoming school session.

Student Shannon Kelly
Student Shannon Kelly

I know every student probably sets the same goals when school starts. They tell themselves they want to get all A’s so they strive to do all of their readings, go to every class, and submit every assignment.

Just like other students I want the same things, but now that I am older, newer goals are getting added to that list. My goal is to do my best to receive an internship that will set me up for life once I graduate.

I feel that these opportunities are the best ways to allow yourself to know exactly what you want to do in the future. I think that once you become juniors and seniors in college, an internship is an important goal you must set for yourself.

By J’nel Billups

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