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The 13 Best Planners for Manifesting Your Goals in 2022

The 13 Best Planners for Manifesting Your Goals in 2022

We live in a day and age of Zoom video calls, FaceTime, and calendar events, but sometimes it’s still nice to have everything you need all in one and possibly unexpected place—an old school planner.

From budgeting to goal-setting, we curated a list of the best planners around to help you make the most of 2022. No matter what you want to use your planner for, we’ve got you covered.

Erin Condren A5 Budget Planner

This planner not only has a month-at-a-glance view, but spending summaries, 4 pages of debt tracking, and sticker sheets as well. This one is for those of us who want to better take care of our finances in the new year.

Clever Fox Weekly Pro Planner

Looking for a well-rounded planner with monthly, weekly, and goals sections? This planner contains columns for unique goal mapping with labels like 1 year from now, 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years. Also, there are sections for tracking your progress for your goals in addition to the calendar and weekly sections that have sizable space for notes, appointments, and meetings. It also includes a sticker system, which can make the organization of this planner extra fun and colorful.

Erin Condren Star Wars Yoda Gray Vegan Leather Monthly Planner

Bound in vegan leather, this undated monthly planner is pretty conventional in that it has a monthly calendar view and then sections for notes and goals.

Action Day Timeboxing Planner/Journal

This planner has plenty of space for each day of the week and grid sections for bullet journaling. It also has an amazing feature of being able to lay perfectly flat without flipping pages or closing. For those who might want to use their planner to journal, there are reflective questions provided, too.

Erin Condren Endless Rainbows Academic Planner

This is the perfect planner for an academic of any age. It is coiled rather than bound so that it lays perfectly flat. There are monthly notes and productivity pages. There’s also a section to record assignments, exams, and projects. It also includes sticker sheets for holidays and other reminders.

SMART Planner Pro

This planner has it all! It is divided into three different sections: month, weekly, and notes. The weekly section is divided into columns where there are sizable hourly time slots. This section even includes boxes for gratitude, which can really help anyone.

Lsite Personalized Vegan Leather Planner 2022

We love talking up small businesses, and creative Etsy is sure to delight. Personalize the cover of your new planner with your name or initials. You can choose from two unique inside page designs for an extra touch of customization.

Panda Daily Productivity Management Planner

This is a great planner for those of us who would love to start journaling but don’t seem to have the time. There are morning reviews and review-of-last-week sections. It’s a super reflective planner with blocks for affirmation, focus, and exercise.

Moleskin Weekly Planner 2022

This planner is a classic. It is a small, pocket-sized planner. It’s perfect for someone who is on the go often. It contains multiple conversion charts for clothing sizes and time zones. Although each week doesn’t have much space per day, there is always a full page of a lined notes page opposite of the weekly page.

Erin Condren Softbound Monthly Planner

This is a month-view-only planner that comes in variously styled covers, gold-embossed accents, and a blank notes section towards the back. It is a more traditional planner for more straightforward notes and dates to be recorded.

Friday, an Online Daily Planner

This is a great alternative for those who prefer a digital planner. You can sync Friday with the apps you already use like Outlook and Google Calendar. If you need a planner for an entire staff or team, there are plans for that as well so that everyone can be on the same digital “page.” Opt for the free plan or one Friday’s paid plans starting at $4.

BestSelf Co. Journal & Planner

This is no ordinary planner. It aims to bring all aspects of the user’s life together. It is grouped into 13 weeks, where you can create a “bucket list” of goals, self-assessments, track your habits, and so much more.

2022 Prevention Calendar and Health

This is the ultimate planner for someone who wants to keep track of their health goals in 2022. Whether that has to do with scheduling exercises specifically or just utilizing the reminders in the planner of activities you can do each day.

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