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Blake Elizabeth Lewis: A Wonder Woman in Fashion

Blake Elizabeth Lewis: A Wonder Woman in Fashion

  • Written by Josephine Bathan
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The life of Blake Elizabeth Lewis is proof that positivity goes a long way.  Her passion for fashion and down-to-earth personality makes her a great role model who is easy to love.

Blake gave us the scoop on what it’s like working in the background of the Santa Fe Fashion Week and what it means to be independent in today’s society.

Young Hot & Modern: Tell us a little about yourself.  What do you do?

Blake Elizabeth Lewis: I have worked all over the place when it comes to fashion.  I initially started working at a local women’s boutique and became involved in working on fashion shows that way.   I’ve had experience walking, but I fell in love with working backstage.  I worked my way up to become a Model Coordinator and Event Planner, where I held casting calls for models, organized the models to take their measurements, and generally helped the designers with whatever they needed.  There were close to eighty people working backstage that I had to manage and it was a great learning experience for everyone.

YHM: What is the Santa Fe Fashion Week?

BEL:  The Santa Fe Fashion Week (SFFW) is a weekend in October where local designers showcase their work throughout three days of fashion runway.  We recruit all kinds of people, such as models, designers, and artists, to help us share our love for fashion and promote up-and-coming local designers.  One of our goals is to raise and donate money to the Fashion Design Department at Santa Fe Community College and various charities.

YHM: What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment thus far?

BEL: In March 2013, I did some last minute model casting for Patricia Michaels, Project Runway finalist and fellow New Mexico native.  I love doing the casting and connecting all kinds of people who want to be involved in fashion in general.

Also, because last year’s SFFW was such a success, I am working with the Albuquerque Apparel Center to hold a New Mexico Fashion Week next year.  I enjoy working behind the scenes of the SFFW, but I am looking forward to managing my own statewide and charitable event.  One organization that I’m hoping to work with is Paws and Stripes, a program designed for disabled veterans with PTSD and dogs from rescue pounds to go through rehabilitation together.  The fashion industry can be cutthroat and negative, so I’m trying to make it a more positive industry.

YHM: What do you think it means to be independent?

BEL: Society’s understanding of independence today comes from very materialistic things, such as having the ability to pay your own bills and drive your own car.  I became independent when I appreciated communicating and interacting with people around me who have helped me become who I am today.  All of my best friends and family who have had any influence on is part of my independence because they all represent parts of me.  It sounds a little ironic to say, but you wouldn’t have independence without the people in your life that helped you achieve it.

YHM: What advice do you have for our readers who are striving for a career in fashion?

BEL: The fashion industry can be risky because everyone is in it for different reasons.  However, as long as you approach anything with a positive mindset and you have the inspiration and motivation to do it, everything will work out your way!

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