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Items for Highly Organized Virtual Workers

Items for Highly Organized Virtual Workers

It’s easy to let your bed function as your desk and stay in your PJs all day, but to be at our peak productivity, a solid and organized workspace is essential. With the right products, you can have a home office that keeps you on task and looks better than the little gray cubicle you’re used to. Turn any size room into a space conducive to working from home with just a few items.

Russell + Hazel Mini 3-Ring Binder

Studies show that one of the most effective ways to stay organized and remember what you have to do is to write it down. To contrast all the hours spent staring at your laptop, this mini three-ring planner is the perfect way to handwrite your weekly plans. With its dual ability to act as a planner and a mini binder, this planner satisfies all your writing needs.

Notion, an All-in-one Digital Workspace

Do you prefer a web-based planner to complement your remote workspace setup? Manage your tasks and projects using Notion’s desktop and mobile apps. Notion is a digital all-in-one workspace for project management, note-taking, and more. Its free plan is robust with almost all the perks of the pro-plan (just $4/month). Share your planner with up to five people and allow them to collaborate with you in real-time.

Seville Classics Adjustable Laptop Desk

Invest in a space-saving desk when a traditional desk is out of the question for your modest living space. Although this Seville Classics collapsible standing desk only has room for a laptop and perhaps a notebook, it is portable and can easily be adjusted to store under your couch or bed when not in use.

Graig Wheel End Table

Are you looking for something with a bit more storage? This multipurpose end table includes a side shelf storage for your office supplies, so you have access to all you could need throughout your workday.

Haotian Folding Wooden Wall-Mount

If you have wall space and want to try a standing desk, give Haotian’s wall-mounted folding desk a try. With its integrated storage shelves and minimalist look, this desk is both a functional workspace and a place for some cool wall decor.

Asus Back-lit Monitor

Enhance your workflow by doubling the information you can see on your screen. For under $100, you can snag this 21.5″ Asus monitor. An additional screen makes switching between Zoom and the document you’re working on a breeze. Heighten your productivity and say goodbye to the frustration of not being able to see everything you need all at once.

Post-it Flex Write Surface

Get a big picture of your ideas and create a blueprint of your objectives with this Post-It dry erase whiteboard wall sticker. Pro-tip: create sections on your whiteboard for the date, daily tasks, and a small area to insert an inspirational quote. Refresh the content of each of these sections as needed to help you visualize your day and keep you motivated.

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