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Travel and Style with Elle-May Leckenby

Travel and Style with Elle-May Leckenby

We are always on a mission to curate the best of the best in style, culture, and inspiration. Elle-May Leckenby, a lifestyle influencer and period-drama lover, is our latest obsession. The 22-year-old Australian native has the carefree demeanor of an artist and radiates total humility in style. Although she described her fashion sense as flowy and chill, a statement of elegant boho comes to the tip of our tongues. Her laid-back daily schedule is complemented with bike rides, dips in sunny waters off the coast, and rounds of artistic ventures. We took some time to catch-up with the trendsetter who is quick to mention painting as a possible new hobby.

YHM: Have you ever traveled outside of Australia and did it have any cultural impact on you?

EL: Oh goodness yes! I have been so fortunate to have traveled to many lands. I went to Africa when I was 17 and recently Samoa last year. Both of these cultures were the most different I had experienced. I guess getting out of your comfort zone while having a positive outlook on that is one of the quickest ways to grow. It also leaves the biggest impact. I left both places feeling again like a tiny grain of sand among a giant dune.

I actually love this feeling though because I got a huge reality check on the importance of community and generosity, genuine joy, agriculture, and so much substantial knowledge. This caused me to carry this new perspective back into my Australian lifestyle. I am so grateful for those experiences.

YHM: You recently teamed up with zeroUV while road tripping along the coast of Australia. What was that experience like?

EL: One of the highlights for me last year! I traveled with two good friends and it was definitely a budget trip. I got to see my own countries native culture more intimately than ever before and I loved that. Seeing the stars at night in central Australia is something everyone has to do before they die, I say ha-ha. There are so many beautiful moments from this trip I know I will never forget. And filming a project along the way was such a good way to capture it with intention and inspiration.

YHM: What is the fashion scene like in Australia?

EL: Where I live it’s super indie and surf. Very miss-matched bohemian, chill. Other cities like Melbourne and Sydney are more innovative and clean cut. But yes, we go all out boho here — ain’t no limit.

YHM: What do you consider to be some timeless fashion pieces and why?

EL: I think linen dresses because they are so breathable and just linen in general, is amazing. I think classic slim waist flair midi dresses are so beautiful, modest, and flattering on any female figure.

YHM: How did your background in photography and design lead you to fashion?

EL: I started with a photography obsession which was on Flickr, that led to LOOKBOOK and I realized when I combined a good outfit with a “cool” (for the time) photo concept, it got a lot of attention globally. I was getting super inspired by everyone else’s style, culture, and vibe. So in return, I wanted to share mine and it all just started through really.

YHM: What inspires you to photograph and design?

EL: Nature inspired me to photograph a lot because of the light, texture, and color. Mixing that all in a shot is exciting. Then you add a mood and yourself or a feeling, really it’s just a self-expression.

YHM: How is your self-titled blog different from others that take on the same kind of content?

EL: I guess the location mixed with a mood is very rare for a beachside blogger. Sometimes I even have trouble describing the aesthetic ha-ha!

YHM: What has blogging taught you about yourself?

EL: It’s taught me to always focus on the beauty in life and I know that can sound so cheesy. But in all honesty, that is the most important thing. Keeping your mindset pure and true to yourself. My blog does not define me as a person; it is just an expression of this for me.

YHM: You’re super cheery and positive throughout your blog and social networks. How do you stay positive about life after a not-so-great day?

EL: I have a strong faith in God I guess, my beliefs are to try and not rely on my own satisfaction in life but grow into a maturity so I can be there for others, regardless of my own mood. There is a comfort in living like this because it means that you’re not relying on self or others to satisfy you. I just rely on a greater perspective.

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