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Hobbies You Should Try Next Based on Your Enneagram

Hobbies You Should Try Next Based on Your Enneagram

Activities to Try Based on Your Enneagram

If you’re eager to pick up a new hobby, but not sure where to start, let psychology help you decide. The Enneagram is a way to explain and discover patterns of human behavior. After taking a brief test, people are sorted into one of nine types.

Each type aims to explain emotions, fears, desires, and other major aspects of the psyche. Think like a Myers-Briggs test, but instead of having to worry about four different labels, you only have to focus on one. Enneagrams can get a little more complex when you consider “wings,” or second or tertiary types that come into play in the personality, but overall, it can be a more accessible foray into understanding the brain and how we act.

Once you know your Enneagram, here are some fun hobbies to try that play to your strengths–or challenge your weaknesses.

Type One: Volunteering

If your Enneagram is a Type One, chances are, you want to make a difference in the world. Leaving things better than they found them can be a driving force for Type Ones in all aspects of life, from work to socializing. Type Ones are known for being positive and seeing the good in everyone and everything. Occasionally, they can feel insecure about their impact. If something is not perfect, it can be anxiety-inducing for a Type One, which means that they would benefit from picking up a hobby that makes them feel good and plays into their perfectionist strengths.

Volunteering is a suitable outlet for Type Ones to stay busy while making an impact. Working at a food pantry, soup kitchen, or phone bank that serves a cause they believe in would provide Type Ones with an experience that is equal parts rewarding and fun.

Type Two: Baking

Type Twos are similar to Type Ones in that they love to feel needed and important. Specifically, they need to feel loved. Where Type Ones focus more on impact, Type Twos focus more on feelings. If Type Twos think they have upset or let down others, it can really stick with them and influence their entire mood.

A superb way to show love is through feeding others, which makes baking perfect for this warm-hearted Enneagram. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out some of our favorite oven-friendly recipes .

Type Three: Yoga

Type Threes are ambitious and desire productivity. If they are not making an impact professionally or personally, they may shut down.

Yoga is an ideal hobby for Type Threes to have their needs met. While it satisfies the desire for them to feel like they are constantly bettering themselves, yoga also places a heavy emphasis on acknowledging one’s self and being grateful for the body you are in.

Type Four: Sketching

Type Fours pride themselves on having a defined sense of self. Type Fours know who they are, and if they don’t, you can bet they will try and figure it out. Often, they go against the grain because they are so entrenched in who they are. This type doesn’t enjoy compromising their values for anyone or anything.

Sketching is ideal for them because of its creative and personal elements. Type Fours love to have some time to themselves. This hobby allows them to observe the world while putting their unique spin on it.

Type Five: Crosswords (with a pencil, of course)

Type Fives love learning about new things. They are the kind of people who love to play along with the contestants on “Jeopardy!” and scream at the screen why they get it wrong. Occasionally, Type Fives can get a little too internal, like Type Fours. They overthink and can often be their biggest critic.

Type Fives would love a hobby that reminds them of how much they know while also challenging them. Crosswords and other puzzles are terrific ways to get the brain working and give Type Fives time to sit with their thoughts.

Type Six: Book Club

The Type Six Enneagram is known for its ferocity. They are loyal to a fault. Think of a friend you can call anytime for anything. There’s a good chance they’re a Type Six. However, that trust gets in their way sometimes. Safety and security is the primary goal for a Type Six, and they can get desperate trying to achieve it.

Joining a book club with friends or through online services is a great way for a Type Six to experience new ideas and perspectives, plus the freedom to flip the page for something more to their liking. Book subscription services like Book of the Month or Literati are ideal for finding that next great read.

Type Seven: Roller Skating

If you’re a Type Seven, you bring a positive outlook to any situation, and chances are you’re always down for trying new things. However, this type wants to have their cake and get to eat it too. While searching for new and novel experiences, Type Sevens may become obsessed with the future and forget to live in the moment.

Even though roller skating has long been a popular activity, it’s still a relatively rare hobby for someone to pick up. The extroverted Type Seven will enjoy exploring new trails and meeting new people at the skate park.

Type Eight: Rock Climbing

Type Eights enjoy a challenge. They feel autonomous in knowing themselves and want to show others their positive qualities. While compromising isn’t their strong suit, these types are resourceful, straight-talkers, and decisive.

Rock climbing is a thrilling experience for Type Eights. They will thrive off the feeling they get when finally scaling that wall. If they opt to go climbing outside, the mountains will pose a challenge that leaves Type Eights feeling bold and empowered.

Type Nine: Gardening

Type Nines are objectively mellow. It takes a lot to get them worked up. In that same vein, Type Nines dislike conflict and often keep their concerns to themselves to avoid upsetting others. They love feeling a sense of community and belonging.

Indoor or outdoor gardening is a pleasant hobby for this Enneagram type. This activity takes into account their creative and supportive traits. They can find a rewarding peace in planting seeds and watching them grow into flowers.

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