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Jennifer Hsieh; Inspired By the Girl Next to Me

Jennifer Hsieh; Inspired By the Girl Next to Me

Fashion blogger Jennifer Hsieh is an inspirational young woman to look up to. Whether it’s her chic wardrobe that’s got you heading to the mall or her talented photography skills. Hsieh is making a strong statement when it comes to following your dreams. She dishes on her blog JenniHsieh and her plans for the future.

YHM: What is your blog about?

JH: My blog focuses on my growth in terms of both my personal style and who I am as a person. For the most part I post about the outfits I wear on a day-to-day basis, including outfit details, and what’s going on in my life at the moment. 

YHM: Why don’t you blog about celebrity and other fashion bloggers?

JH: I see my blog as a personal outlet and I guess I don’t really have an interest in what celebrities are wearing. I do notice what other bloggers are wearing since a lot of their styles tend to inspire me. However, I usually post my inspirations on my Tumblr or Pinterest boards. It’s easier to keep track of them all by keeping them in a different outlet. 

YHM: When did you first start blogging?

JH: I started blogging the summer of 2009 on another site, but JennifHsieh was born in December of the same year.

YHM:  What was the purpose of your blog when you started?

JH: One of my best friends from high school had moved to Texas and she thought starting up a fashion blog together would be a great way to combine our interests and stay in touch with one another. Eventually she got too busy and I didn’t want to give it up. That’s how I started my blog, JennifHsieh.

YHM: What is its purpose today?

JH: The purpose of my blog now is to help myself develop my personal style. Before I started my blog I used to wear the same thing every day: jeans, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. I loved flipping through fashion magazines, but I was too afraid to experiment with different looks. My blog allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and embrace my own, unique style over time.

YHM: How would you describe your style?

JH: My style is definitely simple and casual. As long as I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing and I don’t cringe in the mirror, I’m usually good to go!

YHM: What blogs do you follow?

JH: Some of my go-to blogs are The Daybook, Transient Withdrawal, Kendi Everyday, and Neon Blush. There are way too many on my list to name them all!

YHM: Who are some of your favorite fashion icons?

JH: My fashion icons are the everyday people I see walking around campus. I don’t really read fashion magazines anymore since everyone’s always so well put together by their stylists. I’m not a model.  I can’t pull any of that stuff off! I just like seeing what the girl sitting next to me is wearing.

 YHM:  What is your major?

JH: I’m currently completing my Marketing major.

YHM: What are your plans after graduating college?

JH: Get a job! It’s pretty rough out there right now in the job market so I’m taking my time. Ultimately I would love to work in Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

YHM: Do you plan on mixing your love for fashion with marketing?

JH: Definitely! I actually had an internship this past summer with a social media agency and they worked with a lot of clients in the fashion industry such as Vogue. I’m not focusing my energy on being a part of the fashion industry, but if it just happens to coincide with what I’m doing then I couldn’t be happier!

YHM: What do you love most about photography?

JH: The thing I love most about photography is being able to capture those rare and fleeting moments in life. I tend to live in the past too much (both a good and bad thing) and taking pictures allows me to remember those small moments in life so much better. For example, if my parents didn’t take pictures of my childhood I wouldn’t remember most of those early memories.

YHM: What is your advice for young girls who have second thoughts on combining thier hobbies with thier career goals?

JH: Stay true to what you love and do what makes you happy. It’s great when your hobby just happens to fit in with your career goals, but even if it doesn’t…who cares? It’s nice to have that escape away from your career so that your job doesn’t consume your life. No matter how much you love your job, you’re always going to need a break.

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