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Viktoriya Sener: How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Viktoriya Sener: How to Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Viktoriya Sener’s lifestyle is all fashion from her blog Tie Bow-Tie to doubling as a photographer and social media specialist throughout the week. “If you truly have a passion for something, it’s not that boring kind of work anymore. You’re in the process 24 hours,” Sener explains. Originally from the Ukraine, the colorful and confident blogger calls Istanbul, Turkey home and shares with us how she found confidence by taking risks.

YHM: What has traveling to and living in different countries taught you about yourself and the world?

Viktoriya Sener: Well, let’s say there are no bad nations. There are good and not so good people anywhere in the world. Living in different cultures brings unforgettable experiences and teaches you how to be more patient towards each other.

YHM: How does someone with a Masters in Finance Management end up in the fashion industry?

VS: It actually helps very much with my blog, if you treat it like a business, such education is a godsend. When I moved to Istanbul, I had a lot of free time, so I made a decision to start a blog. Hopefully, it was not the wrong one! Being a blogger forces you to step outside of your comfort zone and be ready to learn brand new things and never stop. I believe if you work hard it will open new doors and bring unexpected possibilities.

YHM: What is the most fearless thing you have done for yourself and/or success?

VS: Before I didn’t like to shoot photos much, so learning how to look great in pictures was a bit challenging.

YHM: Describe your style in a few words.

VS: I’m a bit tomboy, a floral print fan, and pastel colors admirer. Sometimes I mix all these three things together – just go bold!

YHM: You’re originally from the Ukraine, how is the fashion scene there different from that of Istanbul, Turkey?

VS: I think women in East Europe like to dress more feminine during the daytime while Turkish women choose more casual combos and save high heels for the nights.

YHM: Who do you turn to for fashion inspiration and why?

VS: I check out other blogs, new LOOKBOOKs, and even cartoons and movies. The mood of an outfit is so important: if you feel that you need to dress like Speedy Gonzales, go for it! And of course, the beauty of floral prints is that you can’t find two same flowers, so botanical prints are always fresh and never boring.

YHM: What is your go-to fashion accessory?

VS: Definitely, a bag! I can’t stop myself from buying new ones, maybe I don’t even need so much, but I always have an excuse: I’m a fashion blogger, don’t I need this?

YHM: What inspired you to start a fashion blog and what’s the story behind its title?

VS: Tons of free time and a lot of self-confidence brought me here. Sure, my first photos were a little ridiculous, but I did it! Some time ago I was obsessed with bow-ties, so that’s how the name came about.

YHM: Blogging can get personal and self-indulgent. How do you make your blog a community for you and others to grow?

VS: My target is to inspire my readers’ feel for special and positive posts. Sure, sometimes it gets a little self-indulgent. That’s when you need to take a realistic look from a different side and maybe make some changes. I always try to understand what my readers want and do better. They inspire me and I hope to inspire them!

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